Deadline Now

DEADLINE NOW is a WGTE weekly production that examines political, economic and social issues that affect the entire Lake Erie West region. Host Jack Lessenberry (member of the journalism faculty at Wayne State University, Senior Political Analyst for Michigan Public Radio and Ombudsman for the Toledo Blade) speaks to regional and national leaders in this series.

Recent Episode

Deadline Now: Immigration Controversy


A new study found immigrants were extremely good for Michigan’s economy.

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Deadline Now: Gun Control


Gun Control with the Buckeye Firearms Association and Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

Deadline Now: Books 4 Buddies


Books 4 Buddies provides books to kids in Toledo’s poorer neighborhoods.

Deadline Now: Real Estate and the Recession


Real estate values took a hit during the recession. Things are better now, but how much?

Deadline Now: Travel the Silk Road


Discuss China and other adventures with Dr. Amjad Hussain.

Deadline Now: Algae Blooms in Lake Erie


Increases in bacteria-carrying algae in Lake Erie concerns many in the great lakes region

Deadline Now: Anti-Semitic Trends


Discuss anti-Semitism trends locally with Heidi Budaj and Scott Rothstein.