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Share A Story

This annual contest, made possible by the Conda Family, was created to encourage young children to express themselves through writing and drawing. We invite children ages four to 11 to write, illustrate and submit stories to WGTE. Each child who enters the contest received a completion certificate. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place winners in each age group catagory at a celebration held at WGTE Public Media.

The 2016 contest winners are:

5- and 6-year-old Category

  1. The Rainy Night by Abdisalan H.
  2. Pegasus and The Pony by Hannah H.
  3. The Boy by Tori K.

7-year-old Category

  1. Monster's Bad Friends by Lucy P.
  2. Halloween Night by Chelsea H.
  3. The Missing Witch Globe by Jaxon S.

8-year-old Category

  1. The Doll by Corra O.
  2. Trick or Treating by Kayleigh H.
  3. Halloween Haunted House by Andrew C.

9- and 10-year-old Category

  1. My Dog by Maria-Lisa M.
  2. About Two Sisters and One Brother by Celeste E.

Next year's contest will be held in November 2017. Please check back for contest details in October.