About EYC

Engineer Your Career (EYC) is a curriculum project developed by WGTE Public Broadcasting, Toledo, Ohio. EYC offers the opportunity to learn about the jobs that Engineers have, gain insight into the day-to-day life of Engineers, and explore a variety of topics within each field of Engineering.

Engineer Your Career is intended to help today's 6th-10th grade students understand the ways Engineers contribute to their world and to explore their own interests and abilities.

Engineer Your Career maps directly to Ohio Career and Technical Education Standards, the Ohio Academic Math and Science Content Standards, and the Michigan Career and Employability Standards.

EYC Goals:
The major goal of EYC is for students to learn about and explore:
  • a variety of fields within Engineering;
  • the design process an Engineer uses;
  • the impact of Engineering on their lives; and
  • the process required to become an Engineer.

EYC Components:
Students will explore job opportunities in the fields of Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical/Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. By engaging in the recommended EYC Engagement Activities, watching the EYC video modules, and completing the Web Quests, students will develop an overall understanding of the benefits and requirements of a career in Engineering.

To learn more or receive these materials in print/DVD, please contact Erin DeSilva, Educational Resource Specialist at erin_desilva@wgte.org, 419-380-4633.

The WGTE Engineer Your Career project team thanks the following partners for their support and guidance:

University of Toledo College of Engineering
eTech Ohio
Christine Smallman, University of Toledo
Mikell Lynne Hedley, University of Toledo
Ted Richardson, Toledo Technology Academy
Mark Zientek, Toledo Technology Academy
Jacquelyn Sullivan, TeachEngineering, University of Colorado
Engineers featured in videos:
Cyndee Gruden, Ph.D., University of Toledo
Andy Langenderfer, TetraTech, Inc.
Andy Moya, GEM Industrial Inc.
Jason Tansey, Arcadis
Robin Whitney, P.E., Dillin Corporation

Glenn Lipscomb, Ph.D., University of Toledo
George Robinson II, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce

Vijay Goel, Ph.D., University of Toledo
William Levicky, University of Toledo
Scott Molitor, Ph.D., University of Toledo

Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., CASE Western Reserve University
David Ryan, Plastics Technologies
Rashesh H. Shah, The Andersons

Philip Leinbach, IET Inc.
Carol Neumann, University of Toledo
Anita Toska, Esq., MacMillan, Sobanski & Todd, LLC

William C. Koester, Koester Corporation
Vicki Kurtz, Imaging Systems Technology
Daniel K. Wedding, Ph.D., Imaging Systems Technology

Computer Science/Engineering:
Steve Goldberg, Matrix Technologies, Inc.
Afzal Upal, Ph.D., University of Toledo

Engineer Your Career Project Team
Ray Miller

Executive Producer
Darren LaShelle

Coordinating Producer
Jamie Pierman

Graphic Design
Tim Boesel

Ervin Kosch, Clint LaForest, Vic Miller,
Laura Musser, Marty Weil

Content Supervisor
Erin DeSilva

Teacher's Guide Development
Tiffany Zellmer

WGTE Educational Resource Center Director
Betsy Hood

WGTE President & General Manager
Marlon P. Kiser