A Chef's Life

A Chef's Life is a new half-hour character-driven documentary and cooking series that takes viewers inside the life of Chef Vivian Howard, who, with her husband Ben Knight, left the big city to open a fine dining restaurant in small-town Eastern North Carolina.

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S5 Ep3: Prolific Peppers


Vivian preps peppers for Lambstock, a party where chefs, food, and music converge.

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S5 Ep1: Two-Mato


Vivian’s plate is full of everything. Except tomatoes.

S5 Ep5: WANTED: Broccoli


Vivian heads to NYC where her book launch means a full itinerary.

S5 Ep2: Shake, Rattle and Pole (Beans)


With Summer heat high and rain levels low, Vivian struggles to find enough green beans.

S5 Ep6: Bourbon Country


Dinner at Maker’s Mark in Vivian’s honor turns into an American history lesson.

S5 Ep7: Persimmon Style


Vivian takes the twins to pick persimmons and learn about the fruit's different varieties.

S5 Ep4: A Food Truck and a Pear Tree


The arrival of Vivian's cookbook sparks a well of emotions.