Original Fare

Join Kelly Cox, creator of The Original Fare, as she hunts, forages, and farms her way across the globe to search for the best ingredients our planet has to offer.

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S4 Ep8: Newfoundland


Kelly heads to Newfoundland to explore the culture, communities, and seal fishing.

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S4 Ep7: Tea


Kelly traverses from Sri Lanka to learn about one of the oldest ingredients around: tea.

S4 Ep6: Oaxaca


Kelly travels to Oaxaca, Mexico to roast agave with mezcalleros and search for peppers.

S4 Ep5: Lobster


Kelly explores lobster season in New Brunswick, Canada!

S4 Ep3: Cider


Kelly digs into what makes a good cider by climbing trees to make one of her own.

S4 Ep4: Ireland


Kelly surprises her mother with a culinary adventure to their homeland: Ireland.

S4 Ep2: Eastern Oregon Adventure


Kelly heads to the wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon by way of motorcycle.