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S2017 Ep2: Guns on Campus


Guns on Campus is a short film by Joanne Elgart Jennings.

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S2017 Ep1: It Is What It Is


Digging deep into family history, Cyrus finds things might be better off left in the past.

S2017 Ep8: Dad


Maria and her father must discover a way to mend love while confronting loss.

S2017 Ep6: Si


Si, a temperamental six-year-old, gets a goldfish after begging for a puppy.

S2017 Ep5: Last Light


On the verge of her mother’s death, Addie returns home to shed light on her dark past.

S2017 Ep3: The Secession


A story about two Texas boys, a secession, and egg rolls.

S2017 Ep4: U R a Dial Tone


A sign language interpreter is emotionally and physically sucked into her clients' lives.