Deadline Now

DEADLINE NOW is a WGTE weekly production that examines political, economic and social issues that affect the entire Lake Erie West region. Host Jack Lessenberry (member of the journalism faculty at Wayne State University, Senior Political Analyst for Michigan Public Radio and Ombudsman for the Toledo Blade) speaks to regional and national leaders in this series.

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Deadline Now: Wade Kapszukiewicz for Mayor


Discuss the upcoming mayoral election with Mayoral Candidate Wade Kapszukiewicz.

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Deadline Now: Metroparks Toledo


The Metroparks is one of the best regional assets, but they need to pass a levy this fall.

Deadline Now: Building Bridges with Music


Samuel Adler of Perrysburg, one of the greatest composers in America, discusses his life.

Deadline Now: Mayoral Elections 2017


Former Mayors Carty Finkbeiner and Donna Owens discuss the next mayoral election.

Deadline Now: North American Free Trade Agreement


Canada is our most important trading partner, but could renegotiating NAFTA have benefits?

Deadline Now: Ohio Redistricting Amendment


The League of Women Voters of Ohio is leading a nonpartisan effort to stop gerrymandering.

Deadline Now: Immigration Controversy


A new study found immigrants were extremely good for Michigan’s economy.