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American Experience, TV’s most-watched history series, brings to life the compelling stories from our past that inform our understanding of the world today.

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S18 Ep13: Two Days in October


Fall 1967, student protest against the Vietnam war spiraled out control in Wisconsin.

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S29 Ep11: The Race Underground


The dramatic story of the nation's first subway

S29 Ep3: Rachel Carson


“Rachel carson” premieres Jan. 24 at 8/7c on American Experience PBS.

S29 Ep7: Tesla


Meet the genius engineer and inventor whose technology helped create our wireless world.

S28 Ep6: Space Men


The United States Air Force brought men up 19 miles, testing the limits of human endurance

S28 Ep4: Murder of a President


The story of James Garfield, one of the most extraordinary men ever elected president.

S28 Ep2: The Mine Wars


Go inside the coal miners' bitter battle for dignity at the dawn of the 20th century.