Secrets of the Dead

Secrets of the Dead is part detective story, part true-life drama that unearths evidence from around the world, challenging prevailing ideas and throwing fresh light on unexplained events.

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S15 Ep4: Teotihuacán’s Lost Kings


Follow scientists as they explore tombs beneath an ancient Mexican city.

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S15 Ep1: Vampire Legend


Follow scientists as they uncover the true origins of modern vampire lore

JFK & LBJ: A Time for Greatness


In many ways, President Lyndon B. Johnson was the most unlikely champion of Civil Rights.

S13 Ep4: The Lost Gardens of Babylon


Uncovers Clues to the Site of the Most Elusive of the Ancient Wonders of the World

S4 Ep2: Killer Flu


Where did this particular flu strain come from, and what made it so deadly?

S5 Ep1: The Hunt for Nazi Scientists


Allied agents engage in a race to capture the elite of Germany's scientific community

S7 Ep2: Escape from Auschwitz


Two Auschwitz prisoners were determined to expose the horrors of the Nazi genocide