In Their Own Words

Watch this unique and stylish new biography series that explores an elite few of the 20th century’s greatest figures. Each chapter in these artfully crafted episodes is inspired by some of the most memorable words spoken by these world icons. IN THEIR OWN WORDS sheds light on key moments in their lives, illuminating their fascinating personalities and spotlighting their profound cultural and histo

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Childhood & TV Dreams

Examine Jim Henson's childhood in rural Mississippi and the birth of his TV dreams.

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Jim Henson | A Unique Creative Collaboration with Frank Oz

Explore the early years of the creative partnership of Jim Henson and puppeteer Frank Oz.

Shocking and Sudden Death

Those closest to Jim Henson recount the events leading up to his shocking, sudden death.



Watch the highlights of boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s life and career.

The Making of Cassius Clay


See Clay’s career begin with his first victories and the rise of his bold public persona.

Polarizing Social and Religious Views

Explore Muhammad Ali's polarizing views on religion and racial integration in 1965.

The Legendary Boxing Comeback Begins

After a 3-year exile for refusing the draft, Muhammad Ali’s epic boxing comeback begins.