Washington Week with Gwen Ifill

Washington Week is the longest-running primetime news and public affairs program on television. The show features a group of journalists participating in a roundtable discussion of major news events and can be found at 8pm ET on most local PBS stations.

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Senate tax plan moves forward


Go inside the tax debate.

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Roy Moore allegations shake Washington, Trump visits Asia


The panelists discussed the Roy Moore fallout.

Tax reform and the first indictments in the Russia probe


Taxes, terrorism, and the widening Russia probe.

The battle for control of the Republican Party


Is the party of Lincoln becoming the party of Trump?

Pentagon, FBI investigate ambush on U.S. troops in Niger


The panelists discussed the deadly ISIS attack on U.S. soldiers.

President Trump takes on the Iran deal and health care


President Trump moves to dismantle Obamacare on his own.

Gun debate returns after Las Vegas shooting


The debate about how to prevent similar events has started again in Washington.