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The History of WGTE TV

"...educational television does not attempt to compete with commercial TV for the mass audience interested in entertainment. The inherent appeal of educational programs is to those who are eager to learn - and there are more of these than one might imagine." -Dr. Asa Knowles, former President of the University of Toledo and the first President of Trustees of the Greater Toledo Educational Television Foundation

What began as French lessons in the middle elementary grades in the Toledo Public Schools continues today with interactive classroom programs, educational and entertaining shows for preschoolers, community educational opportunities, and quality programming for the whole family. Clearly, we have left our mark on generations of learners, but we have offered so much more. We have enriched the lives of those we have touched. Those are immeasurable milestones. Here are some of WGTE TV's more tangible events:

1952 Greater Toledo Educational Foundation organized

1953 First broadcast signal sent

1959 WGTE broadcasts educational programs on regular basis

1968 Studio and offices move to the Toledo Board of Education

1969 Increases power from 355 to 1,000,000 watts. Coverage area is extended from two miles to 60 miles.

1970 First TV broadcast in color and full-color capability from tape, network and studio resources.

1983 WGTE moves to 136 N. Huron Street

1989 New satellite dish terminal installed.

1993 WGTE named as nationwide model site for PTV, the Ready to Learn Service.

1997 Installed dual analog/digital transmitter.

2001 WGTE breaks ground for new building at 1270 S. Detroit Avenue

2003 WGTE moves into new building at 1270 S. Detroit Avenue

2005 Digital TV service begins with HD and multi-channel applications.

2009 Cease analog broadcasting