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Have you always wanted to share the story of how WGTE has touched your life? Are you inspired when you watch Masterpiece, Frontline or Toledo Stories? Do you ever have driveway moments when listening to NPR News or feel stirred listening to our classical music? WGTE wants you to share your thoughts for "My Source," a story collection initiative geared exclusively towards public broadcasting audiences.

The My Source goal is to reaffirm public broadcasting's role in our society by illustrating its relevance and value as the most trusted source for news, information, entertainment and empowerment. It hopes to fulfill this goal by encouraging individuals who feel passionately about public broadcasting to share their experiences and engage in conversation with other viewers and listeners.

If you would like to participate, you can tell us your story right now!

  • Views: 1072 My Source | Jennifer Todd Warfield

    Jennifer talks about her experience getting help negotiating with her lender through WGTE's Facing the Mortgage Crisis Community Event, a partnership with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

  • Views: 1059 My Source | Lisa Washington

    Lisa reflects on her experience attending the WGTE Facing the Mortgage Crisis Community Event.  She has always relied on WGTE for life-long learning, and is proud of WGTE's new venture, which led her to needed financial assistance and counseling.

  • Views: 1071 My Source | Marion Hallauer

    Marion was searching for better mortgage terms and saw the WGTE Town Hall: Facing the Mortgage Crisis with Bill Harris.  She found out about the services that WGTE could connect her with, and took advantage of that offer of help.

  • Views: 476 My Source | A.J. and Laurie

    AJ and Laurie Laporta relate their stories about watching the cooking programs on WGTE as a family, and incorporating those experiences into their lives, in some surprising ways!

  • Views: 353 My Source | Kathy

    Kathy Varga viewed the WGTE documentaries "Let's All Go Down to Tiedtke's" and "The Best Nights of Our Lives," which brought back many wonderful memories of Toledo's downtown when she was a child.

  • Views: 420 My Source | Rico

    Rico McNeela teaches music at the University of Toledo.  He suggests that his students should tune in to the musical programs offered on public radio, FM 91, to broaden their horizons.  WGTE is a great teaching tool for the power of music.

  • Views: 377 My Source | Nicole

    Nicole Heitger is the Director of the Family Resource Center at the East Toledo Family Center.  The Center partners with WGTE Public Media on a First Book program that encourages literacy in a family setting. 

  • Views: 478 My Source | A.J. and Laurie

    AJ and Laurie LaPorta from Clyde, Ohio, talk about the personal ways that the children's educational programs broadcast on WGTE Public Media have affected their lives.  Programs like Reading Rainbow and Sesame Street encouraged the children in the family to engage in a life-long love of reading.

  • Views: 407 My Source | Cynthia

    Dr. Cynthia Kamin is a dentist from Ottaway, Ohio.  She first got hooked on WGTE TV watching Mark Russell specials.  She also loves the musical programs, historical programs and "just about everything!"

  • Views: 365 My Source | Cheryl

    Cheryl Amborski is the Childcare Coordinator at the East Toledo Family.  The Center uses the early learning resource materials available from WGTE's library to teach literacy and encourage learning activity.

  • Views: 408 My Source | Rico

    Rico McNeela uses WGTE Public Media to explore the world around him while engaging in other daily activities like driving to work and preparing meals in the kitchen. 

  • Views: 526 My Source | Kevin

    Kevin Olmstead is an environmental engineer.  He appeared on Jeopardy! and got the final answer correct because he knew the answer to the question:  "Who was the first head of the Children's Television Workshop?" 

  • Views: 435 My Source | Cheryl

    Cheryl Amborski is a childcare coordinator at the East Toledo Family Center and shares her thoughts on the importance of WGTE's Super Why reading camps that are held each summer at the Center.  The Camps encourage word recognition and literacy.

  • Views: 427 MySource | Rico

    Rico McNeela shares his love of public radio and tv, and the special window public media offers into the culture of America.  He appreciates the in-depth coverage of issues and events.

  • Views: 423 My Source | Nicole

    Nicole Heitger,the Director of the Family Resource Center at the East Toledo Family Center, supervises the WGTE partnership program Help Me Grow at the Center.  She recalls the week at Elmo visited the Center.  She also explains how WGTE brought families to the Toledo Mud Hens baseball game through the Raising Readers Initiative.

  • Views: 387 My Source | Rico

    Rico McNeela talks about Great Performances on WGTE HD.  The programs inspire his creativity and connect him to the latest and greatest plays, musicals and classical performances on television.

  • Views: 373 My Source | Rico

    Rico McNeela discusses his most memorable radio moment.  He was driving cross-country and heard an amazing work of classical music that touched him so deeply that he had to pull the car to the side of the road.

  • Views: 380 My Source | A.J. and Laurie

    The LaPorta family talks about how Austin City Limits on WGTE was playing in the hospital when Laurie gave birth to her third daughter.  A memorable moment to be sure!

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