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Celebrate 40 Years of FM 91!

When:  Monday, May 2 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Where:  WGTE Public Media
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AMERICAN MASTERS: Janis: Little Girl Blue

Tuesday, May 3 at 8:00 p.m.

Observe Janis Joplin’s life through intimate letters and rare footage in the first in-depth celebration
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Claire Jones: Royal Harp Strings

Welsh harpist Claire Jones became a household name in Britain when she performed at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of

Former official
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NOVA: Operation Lighthouse Rescue

Wednesday, May 4 at 9:00 p.m.

The Gay Head Lighthouse, a historic landmark perched high on the cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard, is soon
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Next Avenue

The place where grown ups can keep growing, exploring and learning. Learn more about this public media initiative and
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Protect My Public Media

More than half of all Americans use public media every month. 170 million Americans connect through 368 television stations,
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Sustaining Membership

Being a WGTE Sustaining Member is easy!  As a sustainer, your membership will be renewed automatically each year – with no
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  • ANTIQUES ROADSHOW: Omaha, Part 3

    Monday, May 2 at 8:00 p.m.

    Travel to Omaha to see fantastic pieces of history, like a Humphreys’ homeopathic medicine cabinet, a 1939 Gregoire Boonzaier “View of Cape Town” oil painting and a mid-19th-century Mormon book archive. 

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  • The Rough Draft Diaries with Haley Taylor

    Wednesdays at 7:45 a.m. during Morning Edition

    Listen to The Rough Draft Diaries with Haley Taylor, WGTE's new radio podcast that explores the social and cultural fabric of our community.

  • WGTE TOWN HALL: Dialogue to Change Toledo

    Watch the entire WGTE Town Hall: Dialogue to Change and find out what you can do to advance justice, equality and understanding in our community.

    Since 2013, Dialogue to Change Toledo has worked to build bridges between people from all walks of life to tackle the tough issues of racism, justice and understanding in our community.

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  • WGTE's 42nd Car/Cash Raffle!The Grand Prize Winner for WGTE's 42nd Car/Cash Raffle is:
#1356 Lyle Williams, Rockford, IL
The Early Bird Prize Drawing for WGTE's 42nd Car/Cash Raffle was held on Friday, April 1, 2016. Early Bird Prize winning tickets remained eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing.
Two (2) prizes of $1,000 cash: #0664 Richard Ahrens, Dundee IL #0395 Larry Martin, San Diego, CA
Four (4) prizes of $500 cash: #0416 Robert Franks, Toledo, OH
#1005 Zsolt Vicsacsan, Phoenix, AZ
#0732 Mike Tarter, Indianapolis, IN
#0081 Greg Barndt, Royersford, PA
Twenty (20) prizes of $200 cash:
#1083 Dale Dwyer, Toledo, OH
#0456 James J. Miller, Kimberly, WI
#1496 Chuck Eppink, Toledo, OH
#1334 David Hancock, Perrysburg, OH
#1312 Dave Neumeyer, Monclova, OH
#0006 Arthur Allen, Toledo, OH
#1357 Bobby F. Griffin, Bristol, VA
#0552 Tiffanie Gulley, Toledo, OH
#0909 Duane Fox, Sand Creek, MI
#0798 James Yarcusko, Cleveland, OH
#0637 Steven Gezo, Graytown, OH
#1262 John Casale, Cooper City, FL
#1303 Holly Barrera, Napoleon, OH
#0648 Chuck Hinchcliffe, Victor, NY
#1292 Lisa Nirode, Perrysburg, OH
#0669 Paul Stott, Plano, TX
#0121 Pauline Steinke, Greenfield, WI
#0538 Greg McGrath, Great Cacapon, WV
#0188 Michael McBoom, Defiance, OH
#0429 Tom Polzin, Oregon OH
 Forty-six (46) prizes of $100 cash: #1327 Margaret Pilaczynski, Monclova, OH
#0693 Mike Phillips, Delta, OH
#0131 Judy Mumbauer, East Greenville, PA
#1246 James Rybarczyck, Maumee, OH
#0811 Robert Warr, Toledo, OH
#1113 Emily White, Cortland, NY
#1260 Carl Planicka, Lambertville, MI
#1159 Ronald Rice, Cary NC
#1045 Brian McKenna, Youngstown, OH
#1425 Paul DiCicco, Phoenix, AZ
#0278 Frank Talbott, Bowling Green OH
#1309 Fabiola Lagrimas, Elk Grove, IL
#0866 Terry & Joan Thill, Hebron, KY
#0907 Jayne Wade, Fostoria, OH
#0907 Jayne Wade, Fostoria, OH
#0835 Dennis Printy, Sandusky, OH
#0458 Patrick Hospodavis, Harrisburg, PA
#0660 Cheryl Blumrich, Arlington, TX
#1444 Bradley Jankowski, Toledo, OH
#0235 Paul Neslanik, Fremont, OH
#0749 Dennis P. Weston, Grand Prererie, TX
#1404 Mark Birsen, Toledo, OH
#1357 Bobby F. Griffin, Bristol, VA
#0735 Mike Tarter, Indianapolis, IN
#0420 Douglas Fideor, Rochester, NY
#0129 William Pritzker, Gilbert, AZ
#1115 Charles Mears, Bowling Green, OH
#1115 Charles Mears, Bowling Green, OH
#1072 John Findling, Perrysburg, OH
#0536 James Sorna, Walton Hills, OH
#0595 Kim Bell, Sylvania, OH
#0609 Janice Sheahan, Curtice, OH
#1256 Homer Smith, Sylvania, OH
#0106 David Ponemon, Atascadero, CA
#1202 Wendy Stevens, Temperance, MI
#0039 Pat Hays, Jacksonville, FL
#0864 John Miller, Temperance, MI
#0081 Greg Barndt, Royersford, PA
#1360 Rory White, Temperance, MI
#0823 Wayne VanZomeren, Ypsilanti, MI
#0607 Ronald Kleintop, Lake Placid, FL
#1060 Ronal Burton, Lambertville, MI
#0618 Leland Dunbar, Sand Creek, MI
#0713 Cletus Smith, Adrian, MI
#0145 Ronald Todd, Toledo, OH
#0799 Keith Krygielski, Waterville, OH
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