Market Warriors: Antiquing in Walnut, Iowa
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Market Warriors: Antiquing in Walnut, Iowa

Monday, January 7 at 9:00 p.m.

This week the "Market Warriors" head to Walnut, Iowa, to the Walnut Antique Show, with a new competitor in the mix. Bene Raia joins Miller Gaffney, John Bruno and Kevin Bruneau for an all-new show.

The target assignment is gold, and Mark L. Walberg injects some quick wit when one of the pickers goes for a broad interpretation the others aren’t buying.

Some key finds include a Herman Miller chair, an aluminum plane and a piece of tramp art (a woodcutting style that involves layers of whittled pieces). The winning picker is determined at A.N. Abell Auction Company in Los Angeles, California, where the chosen items go under the hammer.