Shakespeare Uncovered
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Shakespeare Uncovered

Friday, February 1 at 9:00 & 10:00 p.m.

In the first hour, Derek Jacobi explores Williams Shakespeare's Richard II, a role Jacobi played 30 years ago.

Watch Jacobi as he coaches actors at the Globe in aspects of the play, reveals why it could have cost Shakespeare his life — and shares some of the extraordinary modern political parallels within the play that still resonate as dictators are deposed.

Also featured are notable excerpts from the upcoming "Great Performances" film adaptation starring Ben Whishaw and Patrick Stewart.

At 10:00 p.m., Jeremy Irons (who stars as Henry IV in the upcoming new "Graet Performances" film adaptation) uncovers the enduring appeal of Shakespeare’s “history plays,” from the facts of English history to the father-son drama that Shakespeare created.

Irons invites the viewer behind the scenes at the filming of some of the most important sequences in the new "Great Performances" adaptations of Henry IV and Henry V, starring Irons, with Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal.