180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School
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180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School

Monday-Tuesday, March 25 & 26 at 9:00 p.m.

Spend a year in the life of students and teachers at Washington Metropolitan High School (DC Met), a public school in Washington, D.C.

At the center of the two-part "180 Days" is a charismatic and outspoken young principal, Tanishia Williams Minor, who is in her second year as head of the school.

Framed by complex and layered national and local politics, "180 Days" is a uniquely intimate journey through a year in the lives of students, teachers and school leaders in one Washington, DC, public high school. The real lives at the center of "180 Days," most especially those of the five students whose stories take the viewer from the day one to day 180, give PBS viewers rare insight beyond statistics, test scores and policies into the human price that is paid when schools “fail.”

Pictured: Principal Tanishia Williams Minor.

At right: Raven Quattlebaum, 17, a DC Met graduate, has been accepted to college with a scholarship.