WGTE Town Hall: Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety (Program 1)  -
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WGTE Town Hall: Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety (Program 1) -

This WGTE Town Hall Program is hosted by Bill Harris and is the first of three Town Hall programs aimed at raising awareness and creating discussion about bullying. During this program we explore the causes and consequences of bullying, intimidation and violence among youth in our community.  How can we identify the signs of bullying early?  And, how can we find ways to foster understanding and healing, instead of division and violence?

The program features William Geha, Sylvania Public Schools; SRO/Ptl. Tim McLeod, Oregon City School District/Oregon Police Division; Dr. Lisa Pescara-Kovach, The University of Toledo; Neil Rochotte Washington Local School District.

Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety is a collaborative effort of WGTE and Fostering Healthy Communities (Mercy, ProMedica and the University of Toledo Medical Center) to increase youth safety by decreasing the incidence of bullying.