History Detectives: A Bible, a Banjo and More
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History Detectives: A Bible, a Banjo and More

Saturday, July 6 at 8:00 p.m.

An Austin, Texas, resident of Cherokee descent inherited a mysterious bible from her father. Having grown up speaking English only, she is intrigued by what appears to be Cherokee writing in the bible, and wants to learn more about her own family's history.

Then, a beautiful, worn banjo was recently purchased by a Chicago resident on an online auction. A tattered note inside says the banjo dates to the mid-1800s and was bought from a former slave in Bethel, Ohio, by an abolitionist family some time after Emancipation. Could this be the only slave banjo known to exist? Enlisting the help of blues musician Taj Mahal, the Detectives head to Ohio and Maryland to trace the roots of two American families divided by racial lines during the Civil War.

Finally, a contributor from Northridge, California, recently came across a family tree, which contained the words "United Empire Loyalist" scribbled alongside several names. The mystery takes the show to Canada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to learn more about this mysterious family link to a forgotten story of the Revolutionary War.

Pictured, left to right: Gwen Wright, Eduardo Pagan, Tukufu Zuberi, Elyse Luray, Wes Cowan.