POV: 5 Broken Cameras

POV: 5 Broken Cameras

Monday, August 26 at 10:00 p.m.

Watch the Oscar-nominated and deeply personal account of life and nonviolent resistance in a West Bank village.

"5 Broken Cameras" really is about those cameras.

The lifespan of each camera frames a chapter in the struggle of the Palestinian village of Bil’in—joined by activists from Israel and elsewhere—against expanding Israeli settlements and the path of the country’s approaching security fence, which together would consume much of the village’s cultivated land.

The cameras also capture the growing awareness and puzzlement of a little boy born into a world torn by a conflict that adults can barely comprehend.

When Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat bought his first camera in 2005, his intention was to film his newborn baby boy, Gibreel. Little did he anticipate that, as a self-taught cameraman, he would become a source of footage for court evidence, news agencies, Internet video, other documentaries—and then his own Oscar-nominated film (made with Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi).

Photo above: Co-director Emad Burnat with his five broken cameras.

At right: Emad's mother pleads with an Israeli soldier to release her son Khaled after he was arrested.

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