Infinity Hall Live: Jonathan Edwards

Infinity Hall Live: Jonathan Edwards

Thursday, September 19 at 10:00 p.m.

Infinity Hall welcomes veteran folk singer/songwriter Jonathan Edwards, best known for his 1971 classic “Sunshine.”

The song – a fierce proclamation of protest and independence set to deceptively upbeat music – became an anthem for numerous young people who opposed the Vietnam War.

Today, Edwards seems more comfortable as a laid-back troubadour than a political radical. Often performing on stage barefoot (as he does at Infinity Hall), Edwards demonstrates an expertise with the guitar, mandolin and accordion to create his own brand of acoustic folk-rock. His heart-felt lyrics and easy-going style continue to please his loyal fans as well as win over new ones.

Edwards and his band – Moondi Klein on guitar, Charlie Rose on banjo, Tom Snow on piano and Joe Walsh on mandolin – perform songs primarily from his 2011 album, My Love Will Keep, such as the stunning a cappella rendition of “This Island Earth.” But he doesn’t disappoint his longtime fans and offers exuberant performances of the classics “Sunshine” and “Shanty,” the latter which came to be known as a “Friday song” for many radio stations who would play it every Friday night at 5 to kick off the weekend.