Life As We Know It: February 10, 2014

       Last week I explained why I would be uncomfortable blindly embracing the policies of the Democratic Party. Today, I take on the rigid doctrines of the Republican Party, which would expect me to bear allegiance to the following:

        I AM a Republican. Here is what I am told to believe, and therefore I do.

        I believe that government governs best when it governs in moderation. Government is at its worst when it meddles excessively in the lives of its citizens.

        I believe that the best way to deal with crime is to come down harshly on the criminals. Coddling the bad guys never works. Locking them up does. I hate the “L” word and I have no respect for “limousine liberals.”

        I believe that government programs generously lumped in the category of “helping our less fortunate” only succeed in encouraging our less fortunate to stay that way. Some of them, such as workers compensation and unemployment compensation, invite and even tolerate fraud.

        I believe that universal health care is socialism and that we already have the best health-care system in the world.

        I believe individuals should be judged on their ability, not their race, and that reverse discrimination to right past wrongs is itself wrong.

        I believe that marriage is a union of one man and one woman. Same-sex marriage is wrong.

        I believe that the trade union movement, established with the noblest of goals, has long since lost sight of its mission and represents a grave threat to our nation’s economic well-being.

        I believe that government spending is grossly excessive and wasteful and encumbers future generations with debt and obligations they cannot meet. Taxes should be cut.

        I believe the United Nations has repeatedly failed in its mission to preserve world peace.

        I believe that life begins at conception, a marvelous gift from God, and that none of us who consider ourselves God’s children have any right to interfere.

        I believe capital punishment is neither cruel nor unusual. It is hypocritical of liberals to support abortion at one end of the life cycle but oppose the death penalty at the other.

        I believe that the threat of global warming is overstated and that we place too many obstacles in the way of progress. Responsible offshore drilling makes eminent sense. We have far too many laws and regulations providing excessive protection of our forests, wetlands, and animals.

        I believe a strong military force superior to any other on Earth is essential to the security of America. We must track down terrorists wherever they live.

        I believe that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution could not be clearer. If I wish to own a gun, government has no right to stop me.

        I believe that liberals are so preoccupied with being “do-gooders” that they lose sight of what is best for their country. They are out-of-touch tree-hugging zealots who never put America first, and they are always wrong.

        So where do you fit in? Hopefully you are able to embrace certain elements of both parties’ philosophies, which would make you dangerously close to being – yes, dare I say it? – an independent.