LIfe As We Know It: February 3, 2014

        I don’t like political labels. I like to think independently of any political party’s platform or indoctrination. If I were a Democrat, for example, the Democratic Party would insist I swear allegiance to the following:

I am a Democrat. Here is what I am told to believe, and therefore I do:

        I believe that government is duty-bound to protect the welfare of all citizens.

        I believe “liberal” is an honorable word embracing all that is good about humankind. The term “compassionate conservative” is an impossible contradiction.

        I believe in the inherent goodness of all people, including those who commit criminal acts. They deserve to be rehabilitated and given another chance at contributing constructively to society.

        I believe it is government’s responsibility to reach out to its weakest citizens and offer a crutch when they are down on their luck.

        I believe universal health care deserves serious consideration when so many Americans don’t have insurance and can’t get it.

        I believe in affirmative action. Inequality is unacceptable in a country whose formative document declared that all are created equal.

        I believe all individuals have the right to marry without regard to gender.

        I believe in the labor movement. I recall the often bloody history of management-worker relations decades ago and I fully understand and support how unions came to be necessary. Today, in an economy weaker than at any time since the Great Depression, our unions must stand tall for their members.

        I believe that greater regulation and oversight of business and industry ought to be a national priority. I have seen the harm done by human greed, bad judgment, and criminal acts in the executive offices of our biggest corporations.

        I believe in investing our nation’s financial resources to deal with the serious issues of the day. I support higher taxes to help pay the bill.

        I believe the United Nations must continue to promote peace and human rights.

        I believe that a woman’s body is her own, not government’s, and that aborting a fetus early in a pregnancy, in keeping with the law of the land as set forth by our highest court, is her prerogative and right.

        I believe the death penalty is wrong and does nothing to deter crime. It is hypocritical of conservatives to oppose abortion of a fetus but advocate the death penalty for a breathing human being.

        I believe our planet is being harmed in potentially irreversible ways. Global warming is demonstrably real and the dangers to our atmosphere, our oceans, our endangered species, and our resources will one day doom us all if left unchecked.

        I believe in a strong military deterrent but I consider war to be abhorrent. Our nation should remember that half a century ago we renamed our Department of War the Department of Defense. We should concentrate our military effort in the defense of our country.

        I believe that the Founding Fathers’ definition of the “right to bear arms” reflected the times they lived in, and their intent was to provide for an armed militia in the event of a national emergency.

       I believe that conservatives are so preoccupied with their own little world that they lose sight of the often unfortunate predicament of their fellow man. They are self-centered weasels and they are always wrong.

       OK, so next week, If I Were a Republican……