Electronic Currents Playlist for April 18, 2014

“Forever More (Francois K Vocal Mix)” by Moloko

 “Aura (Tvardovsky Remix)” by Rodion Poddubsky

 “For The Time Being (Burnski Remix)” by Phonique feat. Elend Oye

 “Sunkist” by Mindset

“Solution (Remastered Original Mix)” by Superbass feat. Relation

 “Bom Demais (MJ Cole Remix)” by Mustafa

 “Sun In My Eyes (MJ Cole Vocal Remix)” by Myomi

“Universe” by Xilent feat. Shaz Sparks

 “Only Fair (Kezwik Remix)” by Ill-Esha

 “Follow Me Home” by Titonal feat. Underdown

“All Good Things (Payag & Rishab Intro Mix)” by Lost Stories

"Left Alone" by Hibernate

 “Damaged” by Antillas

 “Miss You Paradise (Shogun Remix/Radio Edit)” by Emma Hewitt

 “Forward Facing (Otto Coster Remix Edit)” By Josh Gabriel pre/ Winter Kills

“Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix Edit)” by Hidden Logic pres. Luminary

 “The Mystery” by Kaimo K & Cate Kanell

 “Freedom” by SoundLift

 “Caldera” by Lence & Pluton

“Atmospherica” by Andy Moor

 “Chasing The Sun” by Ridgewalkers, Matt Darey, & Aeron Aether feat. Ridgewalkers

 “Café del Mar Sunset (Lounge of Love Mix)” by Café Chillout People