MBG 13-09: Samuel Adler

In this episode of NMFBG, we focus our energies entirely on the music of American composer, author, conductor and teacher Samuel Adler, whose remarkable career has spanned well over half a century. We sample some commercial recordings of his music, alongside a collection of live concert recordings from the New Music Festival at Bowling Green State University.

Music heard in this episode:

I Think Continually of Those & A Prophecy of Peace (Gloria Dei Cantores, Elizabeth C. Patterson, conductor) GDCD 36 »

Pygmalion Overture (Bowling Green State University Wind Symphony, Bruce Moss, conductor) Live Concert Performance

Canto XIV (Franklin Cohen, clarinet) Albany Troy306 »

Piano Concerto No. 3 (Laura Melton, piano) Live Concert Performance

The Fixed Desire of the Human Heart (Bowling Green Philharmonia/Emily Freeman Brown) Live Concert Performance