MBG 13-11: Student Composers

In this episode of NMFBG, we sample the works of young composers at the beginning of their careers — all of whom are recent graduates of Bowling Green State University. We hear music inspired by ancient Chinese art from Timothy Stulman, alongside Cory Keating's As the Night Blooms, inspired by the nocturnal adventures of his vegetable garden. Also, Evan Williams (pictured) transforms a single note into a rich and exotic sound world in his string quartet "GRIME," which filters the avant-garde through a pop music lens.

Music heard in this episode:

Christopher Chandler: deep in liquid indigo (Ensemble Interface)

Timothy Stulman: Spring from SiJiTu (Bowling Green Philharmonia/Octavio Más-Arocas)

Evan Williams: GRIME (Andrew Williams, violin; Rachael Eid-Ries, viola; Gage Ehmann, cello; Andrew O’Connor, double bass)

Timothy Stulman: Ekaggata (Jeff Heisler, soprano sax; I Chen Yeh, piano)

Corey Keating: As the Night Blooms (Colleen O'Shea Jones, flute; Spencer Prewitt, clarinet; Kai-wei Chen, violin; Brendan