POV: Dance For Me

POV: Dance For Me

Monday, July 21 at 10:00 p.m.

A poetic coming-of-age story, with a global twist and thrilling dance moves.

Professional ballroom dancing is very big in little Denmark. Since success in this intensely competitive art depends on finding the right partner, aspiring Danish dancers often look beyond their borders to find their matches.

In this film, 15-year-old Russian performer Egor leaves home and family to team up with 14-year-old Mie, one of Denmark’s most promising young dancers. Strikingly different, Egor and Mie bond over their passion for Latin dance — and for winning. As they head to the championships, so much is at stake: emotional bonds, career and the future.

Top photo: Mie.At right: Egor and Mie at the European Championships.