Why Sci Sound
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Why Sci Sound

These videos and companion materials explore SOUND properties and principles including vibration, pitch, frequency, volume, amplitude and transmission.  Concepts are aligned to 5th grade Science, Nature of Energy indicators 6 & 7.

Student Video

Teaching Tips

Sound Science in the Classroom

Assessment Instrument

Interested in facilitating the activities from the Teaching Sound video in your classroom?  Activity write-ups can be found in the links below.

Straw Kazoo

Sound Wave Oscilloscope (laser & coffee can)

String and Cup

Water Xylophone

Rubber Band Guitar



(these are direct links to sound science investigations)

Teachers Domain - activities, experiments and streaming video clips demonstrate sound science concepts.  You have to register, it's FREE and will quickly become one of your favorite science resource teaching tools!  Check out the section on rubber band guitars featuring discussion questions.

NASA SCIence Files

ZOOM - Science activities galore!  Scroll down to the section titled "Sound: Listen Up!"

Brain Pop - Educational and fun, includes animated video clips that demonstrate concepts and real-world applications.  You have to sign up for a free trial account but it's worth it!






  • Why Sci Sound
  • Why Sci Sound