Why Sci Electricity
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Why Sci Electricity

These videos and companion materials explore ELECTRICITY and its properties including simple circuits and how electricity can produce thermal energy, heat energy, sound energy and magnetic energy.  Concepts are aligned to 5th grade Science, Nature of Energy indicators 3 & 4.

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Electricity in the Classroom

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Interested in facilitating the activities from the Teaching Sound video in your classroom?  Activity write-ups can be found in the links below.

There are several different procedures and materials to make circuits, select one that will best suit your classroom needs.  Can Do  OR Energy Quest OR Utah State Office of Education  OR use this procedure and lesson created by a teacher  


(these are direct links to electricity investigations)

Exploratorium - fantastic site for experiments and "science snacks", this page includes several electricity and magnetism investigations.

Miniscience - Create a hybrid car boat using a simple circuit! 

An interactive virtual circuit for students to investigate and teacher science tips 

FOSS Web - Great source for science activities, images and much more.   

NASA SCIence Files 


  • Why Sci Electricity
  • Why Sci Electricity