Why Sci Space
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Why Sci Space

These videos and companion materials explore SPACE SCIENCE topics including moon phases and how night and day are caused by the Earth's rotation.  Concepts are aligned to 5th grade Science, The Universe, indicators 1 & 2.

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FURTHER EXPLORATION - MORE SPACE SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS (these are direct links to space science investigations)

Build a Solar System model- Scholastic has a step by step with simple materials  OR go a little more high-tech with the Exploratorium

NASA has some great games and interactives.

Space Telescope Science Institute's Amazing Space is amazing.

Information Institute of Syracuse - Space Science lesson plans. 

Explore the Solar System with Adler Planetarium 

Marianne Dyson site has moon maps, word searches and hands-on activities.


  • Why Sci Space
  • Why Sci Space