Islamic Toledo | Donor List
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Islamic Toledo | Donor List

Thomas and Kathleen Donnell 

Syed Abidi, M.D. and Farhana Habib, M.D.

M.Y. and Shaheda Ahmed, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Imran Andrabi

Zafar Iqbal, M.D.

Ziad S. Ismail and Linda A. Mansour-Ismail

Saleh A. Jabarin, Ph.D.

Dr. Abida Khan

Iman Mohamed and Munier Nazzal 

Drs. Abdullatif and Soad Nimr

T.O. Shanavas, M.D. and Faizi Shanavas

Naseem A. Shekhani

Hussien Y. Shousher and Randa M. Shousher, Au.D.

Support also provided by:

Bassam Abaza, M.D.

Adray & Grna

Naveed and Rehana Ahmed

Dr. and Mrs. Mansoor Alam

S. Amjad Hussain, M.D.

Cherrefe A. Kadri

Dr. and Mrs. Nasr Mansour

Rita N. A. Mansour

Azedine and Dinia Medhkour

Lubna and Nasar Qureshi

M. Razi and Shahida Rafeeq

Syed Maseeh Rehman, M.D.

and by,

Dr. and Mrs. Imran Ali

Faizan Hafeez, M.D.

Mahjabeen Islam, M.D.

and others, a complete list is available