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Why is the State not requiring nutrient management plans of third parties spreading manure?

The State and local SWCDs highly recommend that anyone, including third parties that utilize manure, develop and implement a nutrient management plan. Recognize that requiring plans for all operations in the State that spread manure would require significant State resources to follow up, track, and review nutrient management plans. These resources are currently not available to implement a Statewide nutrient management plan requirement. However, the State through the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Soil and Water Resource’s Agricultural Pollution Abatement Program is proposing new rules that would require nutrient management plans for most operations, including third parties if they manage over 350 tons or 100,000 gallons per year, using manure in distressed watersheds. Largely, this proposed rule is targeted at watersheds that have been severly impacted and where requiring a nutrient management plan for manure would make a substaintual difference in improving the watershed.

Also, if an operator manages over 25 million gallons or 400 tons of manure, they are required to be a certified livestock manure manager by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and must keep accurate record and follow USDA land application standards.

Gail Hesse, Ohio EPA