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If the sediment and phosphorus is coming from the upstream sources, why aren't those subwatersheds, such as the Blanchard River, not included in the areas of concern?

The designation of “Areas of Concern” was made by the International Joint Commission, a binational body of the U.S. and Canada in the late 1980s.  These areas were designated for failure to meet the objectives of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.  Primarily, those areas designated are in the mouths of major rivers draining to the Great Lakes and were impaired largely due to past industrial pollution.

Under separate authority, Ohio EPA identifies watersheds in Ohio as attaining or not attaining water quality criteria established in state regulation.  Those watersheds not attaining water quality criteria are listed as “impaired.”  The Blanchard River watershed has several subwatersheds listed as impaired.   For more information, please go to:

Gail Hesse, Ohio EPA