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Down and Dirty Science

Have you ever questioned just how much energy plants absorb from the sun? Do you realize that chicken poop can be used to produce methane? Did you know that a compost pile gets hot enough to cook an egg or that meteorites have shaped the face of the earth?

Down and Dirty Science tackles these questions in a humorous and entertaining fashion while conveying insights into how energy is transferred from plants to other organisms in the food web. Down and Dirty Science is a website containing six student and six teacher multimedia streaming on-demand modules that target Earth and Life Science standards for grades 6 through 9. Each student module focuses on specific key concepts: plants transfer energy to other organism; the energy in biomass can support life; the energy in biomass can be used as a fuel source; meteorite impacts release a great amount of energy and play a major role in planetary evolution; and, ocean currents transport huge amounts of energy between different locations on the Earth.