TOLEDO STORIES: Cornerstones: The Polish in Toledo
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TOLEDO STORIES: Cornerstones: The Polish in Toledo

Thursday, June 2 at 8:00 p.m.

"There was always a very strong sense of pride…in the neighborhood…in the business community…in the churches…It stemmed I think, from a sense of belonging."
-- Jerry Mazuchowski

Join WGTE when one of its most beloved and requested episodes of Toledo Stories. "Cornerstones: The Polish in Toledo" tells the story of the migration of thousands of men, women and children from Poland to the Glass City.

Some Poles made the journey to pursue freedom. Others came to find the American dream. Over half made a little money and returned to their homeland. Those who stayed built homes, churches, businesses and raised a new generation of Toledoans. In doing so, they helped build Toledo and found a place to belong.

The cornerstone laid by the Poles is one of a rich culture, steeped in tradition and a strong work ethic. They helped to build Toledo with a sense of pride, rooted in their desire to claim a part of it as their very own.