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WGTE Introduces ITIP Ohio!

The Instructional Technology Integration Partnership of Ohio (ITIP Ohio) is a non-profit organization committed to promote the integration of 21st century skills and the use of instructional technologies in Ohio's classrooms. WGTE is one of the five founding members of ITIP Ohio, which allows us to offer many new services to our member schools! Professional development services include online classes, face-to-face trainings, Webinars, videoconferences and much more.  

ERC Comprehensive and Standard level members are automatically members of ITIP Ohio…at no additional cost! Opportunities abound, with ITIP!  Some of the latest program offerings include:

  • Discounts on ISTE Books - Each month, ITIP Ohio highlights a new book published by ISTE to help educators keep up on the latest trends and thinking in instructional technology.  ITIP Ohio sells each book at a 40% discount! 
  • Book Reflections - ITIP Ohio also hosts an online ISTE Book Reflections opportunity.  This online book discussion allows educators from across Ohio to discuss ways to best implement the book's content into their school setting.  $125 per person and 15 contact hours.
  • Curriculum Apps Review - Review an App, Help Ohio Educators and…Earn Money! Share your favorite Apps by completing an online review form at in the Resources section.  ITIP Ohio will pay $5.00 per review that is accepted. 

For more information and a listing of available services, visit the ITIP Website at