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For over 2 years now we have been waiting for OEPA's nutrient standard rules. As we wait, the waters become more green & toxic. When is the OEPA going to allow the rules to go for public comment? Also, why address small streams first?

Ohio's overall plan for nutrient water quality standards calls for the adoption of standards for inland lakes first, followed by small streams and rivers and lastly the very large rivers (for example, the lower sections of the Maumee, Great Miami, Muskingum and Scioto rivers). 

Draft nutrient standards for inland lakes are currently available for public comment.  See more information at:

Those standards are part of a larger rule package that has been delayed while the details of the Agency's approach to stream mitigation are worked out.

The technical work to support draft nutrient standards for small streams and rivers has been completed.  Those standards were scheduled to be released for public comment this past summer.  However, Ohio EPA is currently working with U.S. EPA to resolve a number of important questions regarding implementation of these standards.  A comment public period is expected to be announce spring of 2011 following the resolution of these questions. 

Standard setting for very large rivers will require two additional years of data collection in order to have a sufficient technical basis.  

Gail Hesse, Ohio EPA