• Views: 17 WGTE TOWN HALL: Dialogue to Change Toledo

    Watch the entire WGTE Town Hall: Dialogue to Change and find out what you can do to advance justice, equality and understanding in our community.

    Since 2013, Dialogue to Change Toledo has worked to build bridges between people from all walks of life to tackle the tough issues of racism, justice and understanding in our community.

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  • Local Voices & Resources: Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies

    With our partners from The Victory Center, WGTE has produced five videos featuring local cancer survivors and caregivers. They share their unique and personal stories of dealing with a devastating diagnosis of cancer.

    For more information about the services available from The Victory Center:
    Share your story and learn more about "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies" at

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  • Views: 24 WGTE Town Hall: Dreams + Education = Success -

    Learn about the barriers faced by students at Holland Elementary School and the solutions that we can provide for all students in our community.

    Moderated by WGTE's Director of Early Learning and Community Outreach Kathy Smith, this WGTE Town Hall, which aired on March 19, 2015, is a partnership with Holland Elementary School.

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  • Seeking Solutions to Senior Hunger

    Senior hunger and food insecurity are big problems nationwide and in our community. In Ohio, five percent of senior citizens are at risk of going hungry. More than 250,000 elderly Ohioans receive emergency food assistance. The risk of hunger is expected to grow 50 percent by 2015, while funding for food banks, senior programs and meal delivery is being slashed.

    The effort is comprised of a comprehensive public information campaign through TV, radio, print and the web, three live Town Hall television programs on WGTE TV; and community events.

  • Views: 2 Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety

    A collaborative effort of WGTE and Fostering Healthy Communities (Mercy, ProMedica and the University of Toledo Medical Center) to increase youth safety by decreasing the incidence of bullying. 

  • American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen

    As a community we need to work together to help students stay on the path to graduation. Made possible by the CPB and WGTE.

  • STEMLab

    WGTE is your source for information about careers in the fast growing field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 

    This learning initiative includes multimedia modules, comprised of videos and three assessment tools, to inform students in grades 3-12 of the opportunities available to them in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

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  • Teacher Professional Development

    How can you effectively use technology to enhance student learning and foster 21st century skills?  Contact hour certificates provided for all classes.  Graduate credit is available at a special rate through Lourdes University.  Check out our listing of classes and register soon!

  • Dropout Warning Signs Begin in Middle School

    Every year, thousands of students in NW Ohio drop out of high school. This cripples their career prospects, and adds to the region’s economic challenges. The short PBS Frontline film called Middle School Moment, explores a growing body of evidence suggesting the make-or-break moment for high school dropouts actually happens in middle school.

  • Our Changing Educational Landscape

    A place to learn more about the changing educational practices in our public, private and career-oriented educational programs in the community.

    See how legislation and resources at the state, local and national levels all have an effect on what our children learn; get the latest information about new ideas in education reform; and explore the science of learning and how implementation of new and innovative ideas can help American students succeed.

  • NPR's Education Blog

    NPR explores the latest developments and best practices in education.  Hear recent stories about American schools, test scores and student safety.  Explore research that can help guide our future choices about how we teach our children.

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  • Lake Erie Legacy

    How do human actions impact the health of Lake Erie and its coastal areas? What role does Lake Erie play in the region's economy? How is the lake affected by changes in global climate?

  • Views: 1171 WGTE Town Hall: Leading in Literacy -

    Bill Harris hosted this live program that examines one of the most pressing issues facing our community - the problem of low literacy rates among preschool aged children. Children entering school with high literacy skills are "ready to learn" and move to the head of the class. Children with weak reading skills begin school at a disadvantage, a gap that may grow wider as their educational experiece proceeds. How can we break the cycle?


  • Views: 647 Leading For Literacy: Seeking Solutions

    Leading For Literacy: Seeking Solutions

    Area educators and literacy advocates describe the large and small things each of us can do to help get our children ready to read and learn.  Community and organizational collaboration is discussed as well as the importance of establishing a personal connection with every child.

  • Teachers' Expectations Can Influence Student Performance

    In 1964, a Harvard professor named Robert Rosenthal, did an experiment at an elementary school south of San Francisco by giving kids a test and reporting the results to the teachers.

    The idea was to figure out what would happen if teachers were told that certain kids in their class were destined to succeed. Rosenthal told the teachers that this test had the special ability to predict which kids were about to experience a dramatic growth in their I.Q.

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  • Views: 1 Choosing a Career

    Selecting a career path is one of the most important choices a young person can make for their future.  WGTE presents a series of videos to help students consider various career options.  Videos in the career series feature health care, engineering, scientific discovery, automotives and more.

  • Views: 334 Exploring Careers in Healthcare

    Given the projected shortages in many health care disciplines –and an aging population—there has never been a better time to consider a career in health care.

    Guests include Randy Oostra, CEO of ProMedica, as well as Dr. Jerome Pecko, Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, Dr. Jeffrey Docking, Adrian College President, Judy Didion, Dean of Nursing at Lourdes University, Dr. Timothy Michael Gaspar, Dean of the University of Toledo's College of Nursing, and Catherine Ford, Chair of the Medical Imaging Department at Owens Community College.

    For more information about healthcare careers and educational resources:

    University of Toledo

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  • Views: 24 170 Million Americans For Public Media

    Become one of 170 million Americans for public media. Stand up and be counted.

    The rapidly changing media environment is making public media more and more vital as a source of unbiased news, cultural programs, and non-commercial educational programs designed to enhance the quality of life in our community.

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  • Children and Parents, Vulnerability and Struggle

    Courage is borne out of vulnerability, not strength. This finding of Brené Brown’s research on shame and "wholeheartedness" shook the perfectionist ground beneath her own feet. And now it’s inspiring millions to reconsider the way they live, parent, and navigate relations with members of the opposite gender.

  • 40 Years On, 'Free To Be' Still Resonates

    The children's album Free To Be... You and Me was the brainchild of Emmy-winning actress Marlo Thomas and a bevy of celebrity friends, from Michael Jackson to Rosey Grier, all the way to Carol Channing and Harry Belafonte.

    It contained stories, skits and songs that were not your typical children's fare. On it, a football player sang a ballad titled "It's Alright to Cry." Another track featured a long-overdue explanation that housework isn't fun for anyone — mothers, fathers or children.

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