Workshop Schedule

Ohio's Ready to Learn Workshops for 2012-2013

All workshops are two hours in length and are Step Up to Quality Approved.


If you need help getting an OPIN number (a requirement for registration), call Kathy Smith at 419.380.4638.



Ohio Ready to Learn schedule:  You must register at for these classes.  If you need help getting a OPIN number, or have questions, please Contact Kathy Smith at 419.380.4638 or See ORTL workshop page for class descriptions.

All three workshops - Saturday, Oct. 27 - 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Kathy Smith, teacher

All three workshops - Saturday, Nov. 17 - 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Lois Levison, teacher

If you are attending these sessions, you must register for ALL three.  (Total in-service hours = (6) six.) Each of the Saturday all-day classes will be held at WGTE's broadcast facility - 1270 South Detroit Ave., Toledo.


Additional Workshop Offerings

WGTE has certified teachers to provide the following Step Up to Quality professional development trainings, but no current grant funding to schedule the classes.

Child Care Centers or early childhood groups may request these trainings.  The cost (for up to 25 participants) is $100 for each hour of training.  For example, a 2.5 hour class would cost $250; a 1.5 hour class would cost $150.  All materials are provided and fees must be paid in advance.  Workshops can be held at WGTE for no additional charge.  Workshops off-site may be subject to an additional travel cost.

Infant/Toddler Guideline Modules

One:     Overview                        2.5 hours

Two:      Physical Health               2.5 hours

Three:   Emotional Development   2.5 hours

Four:     Social Development         2.5 hours

Five:      Motor Development         2.5 hours

Six:       Language Development   2.5 hours

Seven:   Cognitive Development    2.5 hours


Infant/Toddler Best Practice Series

One:    Understanding Infant/Toddler Temperament             2.5 hours

Two:     Routines                                                              2.5 hours

Three:  The Developing Brain of a Toddler                           2.5 hours

Four:    Understanding Infant/Toddler Behavior                    2.5 hours

Five:     Cultural Diversity for Sensitive Infant/Toddler Care    2.5 hours

Six:      Infant/Toddler Environments for Group Care              2.5 hours


A Place of Our Own

Conflict Resolution                                  2 hours

Infant/Toddler Language Development      2 hours

Print Rich Environment                             2 hours

Diversity                                                 2 hours

Play and Creativity                                  2 hours

Storytelling                                             2 hours


Using Public Media to Teach Literacy          1.5 hours



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