Preschool Learning Kits

  • Views: 249 001: Seasons

    As the seasons change, our lives change too. We wear different clothing, do different activities and associate different colors with each season. The four seasons are demonstrated in song, books, and videotapes.

  • Views: 236 090: NutritionNew and healthy foods are explored in this kit that contains a lunch box, a sandwich puzzle and the Very Hungry Caterpillar Storytelling kit.
  • Views: 196 086: Music for Preschoolers

    Rhythm instruments invite children to play and sing along with the VHS tapes and cassettes that include tunes from Broadway to Reggae. This kit will not only appeal to their natural love for music but will support listening competence, pre-math skills, and large/small motor competence.

  • Views: 189 087: Dragon Tales

    This favorite children’s show comes alive with great books and videos featuring all the characters!

  • Views: 194 089: A Healthy Body

    Germs make us sick. Books and VHS tapes explain why we get sick. Manipulatives for a dramatic play doctor visit are included.

  • Views: 190 091: Feelings

    Putting feelings into words is one of the first steps to resolving conflicts peacefully. Mr. Rogers VHS tapes, several books and games help children identify their feelings.

  • Views: 182 002: Writing with Arthur

    Arthur encourages children to learn to read and write. “Arthur Writes a Story” is included along with curriculum guides.

  • Views: 187 003: Real & Pretend Monsters

    While monsters are frightening to small children, only monsters like the Gila monster or dinosaurs are, or were once, real. VHS tapes, books and plastic dinosaurs help children separate fact from fantasy.

  • Views: 172 088: Insects

    Learn about bugs and get over any fear of them with this fantastic kit! Bugs, insects and creepy crawly things are represented in this kit packed with books, VHS tapes, math, art and fine motor activities.

  • Views: 180 004: Mister Rogers #2

    Mr. Rogers often uses music on his program to help children understand their feelings and put names to those feelings. This sampler has a Mr. Rogers VHS tape, several books, puppets and an excellent curriculum guide.

  • Views: 171 005: Music for Toddlers

    Music naturally appeals to toddlers because of their cognitive abilities. They are in the sensory motor stage. This kit appeals to the 5 senses and motor skills.

  • Views: 177 006: Bedtime

    Everyone has to sleep – even animals. This kit introduces children to all kinds of bedtime rituals with several tapes and, of course, bedtime stories.

  • Views: 172 007: Divorce & Helping Children Cope

    Children experience divorce on a similar emotional level, but a very different cognitive level than the adults around them. Items in this kit remind children of how special they are to their parents, even if the parents are no longer special to one another.

  • Views: 162 008: Sight

    Optical illusions, magnification, Braille and other sight-related activities are included in this kit. The books encourage ‘sight’ games.

  • Views: 186 009: Between the Lions

    Cleo, Theo, Lionel, Leona and Click the Mouse make spelling and reading a breeze! Just a few of the activities are Alphabet Bingo, a cursive wipe-off board and the Lionel Word Builder.

  • Views: 176 010: Bookworm Bunch

    All the gang is included in this kit! Corduroy, Elliot Moose, Timothy, George Shrinks, the Seven Little Monsters and more help children develop an understanding of reading.

  • Views: 189 011: Caillou

    Caillou experiences the world much as any child his age. Children easily relate to his struggles to grow and understand the world around him… but they also relate to his mischievous ‘little boy’ outlook on the world.

  • Views: 193 012: Science & Nature

    Discovery and problem solving is the focus of this kit which contains “My First Science Video” (a simple to understand activity filled with enjoyable things to do).

  • Views: 184 013: Jay Jay the Jet Plane

    One of the most fun shows on television comes to a kit! Jay Jay, Big Jake, Snuffy, Tracy, and Herky help children with rhythm and sound, colors and counting, reading and comprehension.

  • Views: 168 014: SagwaOne of the newest characters on PBS shares a look at the world of old China. Sagwa, the adorable kitten, teaches children about a new culture in a very enjoyable way!
  • Views: 171 015: Anne of Green Gables

    This classic book has become a PBS children’s show! Anne explores her wonderful world in and around Prince Edward Island.

  • Views: 195 016: Safety

    Traffic, fire and playground safety are the topics of the books and videos included in this kit. Dress up and play materials help children act out safety rules.

  • Views: 163 017: Pets

    Many children want a pet but don’t understand the responsibility involved. VHS tapes, books and more help children to decide if a pet is good idea and what kind of a pet is practical.

  • Views: 172 018: Fine Motor for Preschoolers

    Beads and lacing materials help develop fine motor movement and control. This kit also contains "Ants in the Pants”!

  • Views: 196 019: Science for Preschoolers

    Simple science experiments are demonstrated on the VHS tapes in this kit. There are also books, a balance scale and a tornado tube (with instructions).

  • Views: 164 020: Infant Fun

    Play and language development are the focus of this kit with a videotape of babies playing, a CD and cassettes of cooing and music and several board books.

  • Views: 170 021: Overcoming Barriers

    Puzzle Place figures and manipulatives along with books about persons who have disabilities are included in this kit.

  • Views: 194 022: Fire Prevention

    What should we teach children about fire safety? What is the job of a firefighter? Dramatic play materials, an audiocassette and books introduce children to the dangers of fire and how to be safe in the event of a fire.

  • Views: 166 023: Math for Toddlers

    Counting and shapes introduce children to classification, ordering, matching and other pre-math and math skills.

  • Views: 231 024: Adoption

    This kit helps families and caregivers to explore adoption with children. Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street help to bring sensitivity and caring to this wonderful subject.

  • Views: 157 025: Fine Motor for Infants

    Nesting cubes and learning blocks help infants develop the ability to work with small objects. Several board books are included as well as a Teletubbies VHS tape.

  • Views: 172 026: A Child's Visit to the Doctor

    Full of dramatic play materials, this kit encourages the child to pretend to go on a visit to the doctor or hospital.

  • Views: 169 027: Magnets for Kindergarteners

    Magnets and magnetic materials with a resource guide make this an intriguing kit for children. Note: Small items make this kit inappropriate for children under 3 years of age.

  • Views: 177 028: Music for Infants

    Music is at the heart of language and cognitive development for infants. VHS tapes, audiocassettes and musical instruments help children make sounds and experiment with rhythms. Rhyming books are included.

  • Views: 161 029: Mister Rogers #1

    Mr. Rogers is a friend to children and a believer in the importance of pretending. Several episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood are included along with storybooks and a curriculum guide.

  • Views: 166 030: School Age Provider Resources

    This kit contains a variety of resources to be used by caregivers who are working, or are planning to work, with school-age children. Videos as well as several curriculum ideas are included.

  • Views: 160 031: Farm Animals

    Explore all the animals that live on the farm! Books, activities and videos make this kit an adventure.

  • Views: 156 032: New Baby & Siblings

    Dramatic play is one way to help children explore how families grow. Sensitivity to sibling feelings and emotions about a new baby are well covered.

  • Views: 177 033: Math is Everywhere

    Three Reading Rainbow episodes demonstrate to children how we use math every day. Books and math games are included.

  • Views: 184 034: Barney

    The music of Barney encourages language development in toddlers and preschoolers. This kit contains Barney videos, a puzzle, a Baby Bop plush toy and an extensive activity guide.

  • Views: 166 035: Breads of the World

    Explore how various cultures bake the one thing most everyone eats in some form – bread! Books on bread and culture are included with plastic examples of what is known as ‘the staff of life’.

  • Views: 169 036: Hospitals, Casts & Operations

    Going to the hospital can be frightening. The contents of this kit can ease some of those effects. This kit has the materials for a pretend patient to visit the emergency room or have a pretend operation.

  • Views: 159 037: Angelina Ballerina

    Angelina is armed with lots of determination, tremendous natural ability and enormous passion. Angelina always steals the show. She is a good little mouse with a well-established sense of right and wrong.

  • Views: 182 038: Puzzle Place #1

    The Puzzle Place doll characters and action figures are included in this kit. In the VHS, the children talk about what they want to be when they grow up. The books are about visits to Mexico and China.

  • Views: 162 040: Let's Work It Out

    Books like “Feelings” and “Let’s Talk about Needing Attention” help children learn the vocabulary needed to express how they feel. The phenomenal book, tape and activity series entitled “What Do I Do With the Mad I Feel?” easily and clearly teaches children what conflict is and how to cope with it. This kit also explores cooperation, sharing and consequences of not sharing. Included are activities that help teach children that conflict is inevitable but cooperation can bring resolution.

  • Views: 170 041: Tales of Adventure

    Wishbone is alive in such books as Treasure Island, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

  • Views: 159 042: Gross Motor for Toddlers #2

    This large muscle activity kit features a soft cloth bowling game, balls and bats, and dance and exercise videos.

  • Views: 163 043: Math for Preschoolers

    Math is about learning and fun. Shapes, sorting, counting and matching activities are included in this kit. The VHS tapes and books are focused on the fact that math is important in our everyday lives.

  • Views: 161 044: Heroes & Heroines

    Both children and adults need role models! Wishbone on Joan of Arc, Hercules, Gulliver’s Travels and the Odyssey in both tapes and books.

  • Views: 189 045: Health

    Herbie the Duck helps children learn to be safe and healthy. The curriculum features games and adult-directed activities.

  • Views: 169 046: Magnets for Preschoolers

    The concept of magnetization fascinates children! Why do these two things ‘stick’ together and these two things don’t? A large horseshoe magnet and lots of various types of metal objects that it can attract demonstrates magnetic force.

  • Views: 209 047: Understanding Special Needs

    “We are all the same inside” is the theme of this learning kit. We might have a different skin color than our neighbor or we might use a cane, a walker or a wheelchair but we are, indeed, all the same inside. Currently Unavailable

  • Views: 181 048: Transportation

    Where to visit and how to get there are the focuses of this kit full of books and play vehicles. Currently Unavailable

  • Views: 147 050: Art for Preschoolers

    Not only is art fun but it helps a child develop skills in shape and color identification, mathematics, problem solving, and language.

  • Views: 172 051: ButterfliesEnter the beautiful magical world of butterflies. A “Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus” video, a large butterfly floor puzzle and costumes that let kids change from caterpillars to butterflies are a part of this kit.
  • Views: 162 052: Art & ColorPut on a paint shirt and be an artist with this kit of tempera paints, brushes and paddles. Books about art are included.
  • Views: 163 053: Knights & Princes

    Wishbone, the wonderful teller of tales, brings adult classics to children! Oliver Twist, The Prince and the Pauper, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Ivanhoe, Romeo and Juliet and the Adventures of Robin Hood are all presented in order to expose children to ‘fine’ literature in a fun way!

  • Views: 170 054: Creative Dramatics

    Children love to ‘put on a show’! With the help of Sesame Street, Barney and musical instruments, this kit makes dramatic play easy and fun to do.

  • Views: 172 055: Fine Motor for Toddlers

    A toddler on the way to preschool would enjoy this kit which contains the VHS “BARNEY Goes to School” as well as books about friends and colors and games that develop small muscle and cognitive skills.

  • Views: 149 056: Bob The Builder

    A toddler in preschool would love this kit. He/She is able to use their imagination by building with construction tools. They will enjoy reading the books and doing the puzzles.

  • Views: 165 057: Hats

    Pretend to be anything from a race car driver to a police officer with this kit that contains 11 ‘hats of the trade’! Fun books to read about hats are included.

  • Views: 157 058: Gross Motor & Music

    Get up and dance! Play rhythm instruments! All are included in this kit. All genres of music are represented.

  • Views: 159 059: Gross Motor for Toddlers #1

    Balls, bats, pictures, stacking boxes and dancing are a few of the activities that encourage children to get up out of their seats and move their arms and legs!

  • Views: 168 060: Discovery

    Imagine that! Fantasy and reality combine in this kit about things that are real and things that are not. VHS tapes, books, songs and games are included.

  • Views: 160 061: Dinosaurs #2

    Puppets, game cards, books, puzzles and a VHS tape help bring the world of dinosaurs alive. This kit features the tyrannosaurus and the triceratops.

  • Views: 219 062: Community Helpers

    Who are the people in your neighborhood? This kit has puppets of eight community workers, a Reading Rainbow episode about fire and rescue, fact cards and an audio listening lotto game.

  • Views: 162 063: Family

    The world has all kinds of families. Figures, flashcards and books show the various ways people belong to one another

  • Views: 184 064: Parent & Guardian Resources

    This kit contains a selection of Early Childhood Development resource books for parents and guardians of young children. Resources include information on basic child development.

  • Views: 168 065: Ancestors

    How and when did your family come to America? Books and an activity kit help children explore their family histories and make a family tree.

  • Views: 190 066: Puzzle Place #2

    Many of the Puzzle Place songs are included on the VHS tape in this kit. There are figures of the characters and a memory matching game.

  • Views: 155 067: Big Machines

    Big trucks, trains and digging machines are features in this kit, which contains several great books and a puzzle.

  • Views: 162 068: Environment

    The food chain, the life cycle of a small pond and recycling are the focus of this kit. This great kit contains games, manipulatives and more.

  • Views: 153 069: Construction

    Building with a big set of 100 plastic Mega blocks is a great way to encourage sequencing, cause and effect and trial and error skills. Books, tapes and other activities are included!

  • Views: 167 070: Under the Sea

    The beach, the sea and the ocean floor are all represented in this wonderful kit. A magnetic fish game, 100 seashells, felt sea animals and many more manipulatives as well as books about whales, sea life and all kinds of new things make this a great kit.

  • Views: 188 071: Dance

    Quickstep, two step, ballet and improvisational dance are great fun for children! Reading Rainbow, Barney and Sesame Street along with Ella Jenkins’ beautiful voice provide wonderful songs to dance and sing to!

  • Views: 189 072: Around the Neighborhood

    A kit that makes learning safety tips a great time. A large “Drive Around the Town” carpet is included with six wooden cars.

  • Views: 165 073: Zoboomafoo

    Zoboo and the Kratt brothers bring the world of animals to children in a way that children can relate to.

  • Views: 177 074: Cyberchase

    The world of Cyberchase energizes kids (8 – 11) with Math power. The heroes use their minds to confront and overcome obstacles.

  • Views: 223 075: Infant & Toddler Provider Resources

    This kit contains a selection of Early Childhood Development resource books for Infant and Toddler care providers. Topics include basic child development and health and safety.

  • Views: 208 076: Preschool Provider Resources

    This kit contains a selection of Early Childhood Development resource books for Preschool providers. Topics include basic child development and health and safety.

  • Views: 236 078: Careers & Jobs People Do

    Dress up! This kit contains dress up clothes for four community helpers – mail carrier, firefighter, police officer and construction worker. The books and video help children to experience both genders working various jobs.

  • Views: 152 079: Art Masters

    A child’s introduction to fine art and the great masters of painting, sculpture and other artistic media. Children are engaged to ’go on a gallery hunt’ to find items in books and on a video.

  • Views: 149 080: Music Appreciation

    Classical, Swing, Country, and Folk music are included in this sampler of musical varieties.

  • Views: 162 081: Tales of MysteryWishbone episodes and books explore the classic tales of Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Red Badge of Courage. Note – Wishbone ‘stars’ in these episodes and they are meant for children and therefore not as frightening as the original versions!
  • Views: 179 082: Diversity

    The Puzzle Place characters are featured in this kit aimed at learning about others and ourselves and about appreciating both our similarities and differences.

  • Views: 165 083: Gardening

    Plant some seeds and watch them grow! The VHS tapes are Franklin Plants a Garden and Jack in the Beanstalk. Several books for children about growing flowers and vegetables are included.

  • Views: 209 084: Circus

    Have a day or two at the circus! Barney, Clifford and Thomas the Tank Engine take children to the circus to learn about acrobats, elephants and clowns!

  • Views: 157 085: Gross Motor for Preschoolers

    Outdoor games with balls, rackets and potato sacks encourage children to use their large muscles in outdoor play.

  • Views: 202 092: Dental Health

    Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Early good dental habits promote healthy teeth. A large cardboard set of teeth and toothbrush, VHS tapes of Mr. Rogers and Barney at the dentist and several books help teach children about the importance of oral hygiene.

  • Views: 149 093: Travel Fun

    Can a child be content on an airplane ride or a car trip? This travel bag goes a long way toward entertaining your child! Audiocassettes, books and travel games help the time pass quickly.

  • Views: 184 094: Magic School Bus

    That zany science teacher, Ms. Frizzle, comes to life in this large kit full of books, VHS tapes and a CD-ROM. There are lots of manipulatives that help explain the solar system, the human body, dinosaurs, the ocean floor and more.

  • Views: 154 095: Stamper Fun

    Six giant washable inkpads accompany alphabet, numeral and foam stampers of a variety of animals.

  • Views: 194 096: Cooking with Kids

    This kit has all your child needs to set up a pretend-play kitchen! Velcro fruits that ‘slice’ in half with a plastic knife, a bake set, and chef hats make this a kit children really enjoy. Several books and videos about cooking and food are included.

  • Views: 186 097: Weather

    All sorts of books about weather, a child’s weather video and a tornado tube with instructions bring children a simple understanding of and curiosity about weather conditions.

  • Views: 152 098: Lamb Chop

    Lamb Chop, Hush Puppy and Charlie Horse are present in this kit in a variety of forms including VHS tapes, books and puppets. There are lots of great ideas for children to do including “putting on a show.”

  • Views: 196 099: Sesame Street #2

    Sesame Street has always strived to create fun and educational programs for children. This kit includes more monsters along with videos and books about the alphabet and colors. Games and songs are also a part of this kit.

  • Views: 189 100: Shapes and Colors

    With an emphasis on shapes, this kit has beanbags in shapes, a pattern design kit, a matching game and two VHS tapes of Barney’s Colors and Shapes.

  • Views: 164 101: Sensory Activities

    A “feely” box and other manipulatives, along with books about the five senses are included in this kit.

  • Views: 164 101: Sensory Activities

    A “feely” box and other manipulatives, along with books about the five senses are included in this kit.

  • Views: 150 102: Arthur

    Arthur is a typical 3rd grader – maybe not in the highest reading group but someone who tries to do the right thing.

  • Views: 177 103: Learning to Read

    Early literacy and reading skills are so important to success in school and life. This kit is loaded with books for adults to read to children and others for children to read alone. There is also a book of games to foster literacy, a CD-ROM and more.

  • Views: 177 104: Special Needs Dramatic Play

    Dolls using a wheelchair, leg braces, hearing aids, a white cane and a guide dog can all be found in this kit. Dramatic play can help a child understand that others who have disabilities are people first and their disability is secondary.

  • Views: 176 105: The Five Senses

    All five senses are very important to learning. Mr. Rogers VHS tape ‘Learning is Everywhere’ helps children learn how we acquire knowledge.

  • Views: 158 106: Sesame Street #1

    All the monsters are included in this kit filled with VHS tapes, books and plush Sesame Street characters.

  • Views: 156 107: Trains

    This kit has eight videos for Thomas the Tank Engine adventures and other stories about locomotives. Books and toy trains come with the kit, too!

  • Views: 184 108: After School Fun

    This kit is geared towards the unique needs of the “after-school” child. Included you will find various activities that are geared towards just plain old fun. From BINGO to Origami; from Carmen Santiago to Kids Dance Party this kit will appeal to the school aged child.

  • Views: 162 109: Death and Helping Children Cope

    Since death is a part of life, it’s good to introduce children to death before it affects them personally. The books and VHS tapes in this kit explain death in a respectful way and one that may be more easily understood by a child.

  • Views: 157 110: Teletubbies

    Infants and toddlers love the colorful Teletubbies who make early language sounds and like to dance to music. VHS tapes and books are included.

  • Views: 150 111: Nursery Rhymes

    Nursery rhymes are a great way for children to learn the alphabet, build vocabulary and begin to read. Presented in books and music and videos, these nursery rhymes have all the old favorites. A set of hand puppets foster imaginative play and lots of fun!

  • Views: 169 112: Dinosaurs #1

    Great activities and manipulatives help children pretend to live in the land of dinosaurs. Puzzles of the stegosaurus and brontosaurus are included.

  • Views: 161 113: The Mitten

    Jan Brett’s delightful Ukrainian folk tale comes to life in this kit containing a very, very large mitten and all the animals that use it as shelter from the snow.

  • Views: 169 114: Colors and Shapes

    Emphasizing color, the games and activities in this kit include neon play dough, water measuring cups, a color sorter and several books.

  • Views: 155 115: Polar AnimalsPenguins, polar bears and other animals of the arctic can be explored in a video and several books. A fun penguin writing game is included.
  • Views: 184 116: All Kinds of Animals

    A CD-ROM of animal activities, books and simple wooden puzzles introduce children to a variety of animals both common and unusual.

  • Views: 183 117: Spanish and English Fun

    Whether English or Spanish is your first language, knowledge of both languages is very important! This kit has wonderful books and videos that help explain each language to children. Most material is presented in both languages.

  • Views: 216 118: Family Home Care Provider Resources

    This kit contains a selection of Early Childhood Development resource books for family home care providers. Topics include basic health and safety and child development.

  • Views: 184 119: Manners

    Practice setting the table with tableware, read books about what can be done and what shouldn’t be done in public and watch videos that promote using please and thank you.

  • Views: 170 120: Friends

    Friends are one of the highlights of our lives! Have fun learning about making friends and having best friendships. Puppets, Chutes and Ladders, a magnetic storyboard and more, along with interesting books and videos make this a fun filled kit.

  • Views: 146 121: Outdoor Fun

    Blowing big bubbles with 14 bubble wands in a variety of sizes can be terrific fun and a very enjoyable learning experience. Also included are books to read and videos about having fun out-of-doors.

  • Views: 164 122: Developing Language

    Photo and flash cards foster the language development of children. Books and a Storytime video are included.

  • Views: 157 123: Wild Animals

    More than just lions, tigers and bears make this kit fun. Books, fact cards, rubber stamps and fantastic large rubber animals for dramatic play are included.

  • Views: 167 124: Clifford

    Everyone’s favorite big red dog has a wide variety of adventures in the books and tapes included in this kit.

  • Views: 234 125: Imagination with the Barney Bag

    What’s in the Barney Bag? Barney always keeps things on hand to make something wonderful. The books and VHS tapes are about BARNEY and the wonderful world of imagination.

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