Google Earth

Bring our Earth to your students in 3-D.  And you don’t even need funny glasses!

Google Earth, Google's satellite imagery-based mapping product puts the whole world on a student's computer. It enables users to "fly" from space to street level to find geographic information and explore places around the world. Like a video game and a search engine rolled into one, Earth is basically a 3D model of the entire planet that lets you grab, spin and zoom down into any place on Earth.

Below are some helpful resources. 

Google Earth User Guide: Everything you ever wanted to know!  131 pages if you want to print it out. Click here.

Google Earth's Official You Tube Channel: short tutorials and updates on cool new features in Google Earth.  Click here.

Google Earth/Google Earth Outreach: Short video tutorials to get you started.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Click here.

Google Earth for Educators: Lesson plans Click here.

Google Earth Blog: Frank Taylor provides news, features, tips and information on Google's free geographical application.  Not officially connected with Google.  Click here.

Google Lat Long Blog: News and Notes by the Google Earth and Map Team: Official Google Earth blog. Click here.

Google Earth Gallery: Explore, search, discover (and don’t reinvent the wheel!).  Check this out for an incredible selection of Google tours.  Click here.

Google Lit Trips: Follow your favorite books across the world!  Click here.

For help in creating a collaborative Google Map that can be shared in Google Earth, click here.

Wild Sanctuary is a bioacoustic resource of natural soundscapes from across the planet.  this site features an audio overlay for Google Earth and Google maps.  Click here.

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