The Basics

Connect the Cords

Lighting tip – best if you remove bulbs that in ceiling right in front of board

How to clean – a little Windex or white board erase marker – If permanent marker is on board, go over the mark with a dry erase marker and then wipe off

Turn on computer, projector and software

Check light on SMART Board:  Green=Good!

Orient the Board – press 2 buttons on pen try – It doesn’t matter where you press the pen, what matter is where you let go.              
Projector Keystone

How Pen Tray Works – recognizes what last left board. If you lose a marker you can put anything in its place (chapstick works well)

Using Pens – press hard, use continuous lines.  

How to turn writing to text:
1.    Write
2.    Place Pen Down
3.    Select Drawing with the Mouse tool 
4.    Click the drop-down arrow:
5.    Choose one of the 4 “Recognize” Options

Eraser Options:
1.    In Pen Tray
2.    In Notebook Toolbar
3.    Circle Tap
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