Importing Pictures

Microsoft Word contains a Clip Art Gallery that might meet your needs.

  1. Open a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Click Insert
  3. Click Picture
  4. Click Clip Art
  5. Search for picture that you would like
  6. RIGHT Click on the picture
    • Click Copy
    • Open a SMART Notebook File
  7. RIGHT Click, Paste OR
    • Use the PASTE Button OR
    • Click Edit, Paste
  8. Drag the Picture into your Folder

Other websites might also have pictures to meet your needs.

  1. Go to the website of your choosing (we used, and would also recommend
  2. Choose the picture you would like
    • Copy/Paste
      • RIGHT click on your picture
      • Click Copy
      • Open Notebook Software
      • Click Paste (see step 9 above)
      • Drag the Picture into your Folder
    • Use the Screen Capture option
      • Open your Screen Capture toolbar (either in Notebook Software or in your Floating Tools)
      • Open the website
      • Click on the Capture tool that best meets your needs (rectangle, active window, screen capture, or lasso)
      • Select your picture (if using the rectangle tool, start in the upper corner and drag to the lower opposite corner)
      • Go to Notebook, the picture will be there
      • Drag the Picture into your Folder
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