Caregiver Recognition Awards

People who care for children in their homes provide a special kind of guidance and education built on nurturing relationships.

WGTE Public Media honored the following six outstanding home childcare providers at a special event held on Saturday, January 23, 2010.

The A Place of Our Own Caregiver Recognition Awards was made possible by the generous support of BP and KCET.

  • Views: 412 Kashaundra Besteda - A Place of Our Own 2010 Winner

    A genuine love for children was the reason that caring for children became the career choice for Kashaundra Besteda. Born in the Chicago area, she has lived in Toledo for the last 15 years and is the mother of four boys. Kashaundra enjoys the home atmosphere that surrounds her as a family provider where she loves, nurtures and cares for children of all ages, as well as her own.

  • Views: 423 Inetha Brown - A Place of Our Own 2010 Winner

    Inetha Brown’s mother greatly influenced her daughter’s decision to become a family daycare provider by offering her encouragement and support and convincing her that she could make a difference in a child’s life. Born and raised in Bexley, West Virginia, Inetha has three grown children of her own. She planned her Toledo-based home daycare by considering how she would want it to be if she were still a child. “I set high expectations for all children,” she said.

  • Views: 377 Jamesetta Dickerson - A Place of Our Own 2010 Winner

    Jamesetta Dickerson has been caring for children in her Toledo home since 1990. She and her husband have two children and two grandchildren. She began her childcare career after becoming unemployed, but she has never looked back, finding that caring for children is a rewarding career with the opportunities to love, educate, and aid in the development of young children.

  • Views: 395 Cindy Ducat - A Place of Our Own 2010 Award Winner

    A native and resident of Bowling Green, Cindy Ducat is mother to three children and a two-year old niece. She began caring for children in her home when her older children were small, but returned to a formal classroom setting at the Montessori School in Bowling Green. Cindy has a Montessori certification and enjoys using that approach as she considers the development of the younger children she currently serves. She enjoys getting to know her families and providing them with a nurturing environment.

  • Views: 336 Mandy Hindall - A Place of Our Own 2010 Winner

    Braving Ohio winters, Mandy Hindall is a native Floridian and came north to attend Bowling Green State University where she received a Bachelor of Education degree. Mandy worked for a time at WSOS, but when her son was born, she began caring for children in her home and has done so for almost four years. Mandy is married to her high school sweetheart and lives in Fostoria.

  • Views: 367 Jean Stamper - A Place of Our Own 2010 Winner

    (Ruby) Jean Stamper came to Toledo in 1964, having been born and raised in Michigan. She and her husband share seven grown children. As a young mom she found it difficult to find care for her own children, so she began caring for other children as well. When her own children were ready for school, she just “couldn’t give up” the kids she had, so a career was born! Jean delights in watching children grow and providing them with new opportunities that broaden their horizons.