A Place of Our Own Trainings at WGTE

A Place of Our Own Trainings at WGTE

Infant/Toddler Language Development
Language development is the foundation for a child's ability to interact with the world. In a way, communicating is an infant's first purpose in life. A baby relies on everyone else to somehow understand her needs. Older children have more vocabulary but they still rely on us to understand and model ways to communicate. This workshop focuses on how young children start developing language and how we can help them.

Language and Literacy-Storytelling
Besides reading books, where and when do you hear stories? How about from TV or during phone conversations? Through stories we hand down our culture and values, and connect with friends and loved ones. This workshop focuses on using storytelling to develop a child's language and literacy skills.

Language and Literacy – Creating a Print Rich Environment
Walk around for a day and notice all the places that words appear. Listen to the language being used at work, with your friends and on the street. Children pick up a lot from the world around them. By making children aware of the words in their environment you can help them build their language and literacy skills. This workshop focuses on developing language and literacy skills by creating a print-rich environment.

Play and Creativity
A girl darts around the corner making beeping noises. She's just playing. But what are kids really doing when they play? This workshop is about the purpose of play and creativity and how to manage play so that it doesn't become harmful.

In addition to finding out about what kinds of things you can learn from A Place of Our Own, you’ll walk away with: a children’s book, a set of activity idea cards, a videotape of two episodes about your topic, colorful tip sheets to hang in your home or child care site, and much more

All trainings will be held at WGTE, 1270 S. Detroit Ave



                               APPROVED FOR STEP UP TO QUALITY
Call- Lois Levison @ 419-380-4637 or Sally Brinkman @ 419-380-4636 to register.


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