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Ohio Ready to Learn  - NEW (July 1, 2012 THROUGH June 30 2013)

Three all-new workshops are ready and available for child care providers and early childhood professionals.  ALL registrations MUST be made at www.opdn.org

We are not taking phone reservations.  If you need help getting an OPIN number, please call 419.380.4638.

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2012-2013 Workshop Descriptions for Ohio Ready to Learn


Ohio Ready to Learn Phase One - Standardized Training. 

Defining Quality with the Business Administration Scale

This workshop explains the rationale for the Business Administration Scale and describes its use as a professional development tool.  Specific items are examined in the scale, with special focus on the #5 "Good" indicators.  Participants will be able to consider upgrading policies and procedures in their early learning environment that reduce risk.


Ohio Ready to Learn Phase Two – Standardized Training. 

Recognizing Developmental Milestones Using the ASQ

Participants will be introduced or able to review the ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaire) and observe its use. Child development domains will be tied to practical examples and language that can be easily understood by parents. Strategies for successful parent meetings will be addressed.


Ohio Ready to Learn Phase Three – Standardized Training. 

Practical Applications of Safety Competencies

Participants will closely examine the Safety Competencies in Ohio's Core Knowledge and Competency document (CKC). The workshop will encourage those in attendance to recognize the need for emergency preparedness, appropriately respond to all types of bullying, demonstrate strategies to explain safety precautions to children and make a plan to correct potential safety hazards in the early childhood environment.


The Series

Three Sessions of 2012-13 Ohio Ready to Learn 

This series contains all three sessions of Ohio Ready to Learn for 2012-13:  Defining Quality with the Business Administration Scale; Recognizing Developmental


YOU MUST REGISTER AT OPDN.ORG for all of these classes.  You can also search on counties and dates.

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