The Principal Story

THE PRINCIPAL STORY, a PBS Documentary Film on School Leadership

Produced by Nomadic Pictures, THE PRINCIPAL STORY aired nationally on PBS' acclaimed P.O.V. series on September 15, 2009.

THE PRINCIPAL STORY tells two stories, painting a dramatic portrait of the challenges facing America's public schools – and of the great difference a dedicated principal can make. THE PRINCIPAL STORY is a national broadcast film and media outreach project, commissioned by The Wallace Foundation. Its purpose is to raise the visibility of leadership as a lever for school improvement, especially in our most challenging schools. Outreach Extensions is managing the national media outreach campaign.

Funded by The Wallace Foundation, THE PRINCIPAL STORY is a national PBS broadcast film and media outreach project. The documentary and related video and print materials are designed to connect educators, policymakers, and those interested in learning more to reliable, useful resources. Outreach Extensions is managing the national media outreach campaign.

This project is part of THE PRINCIPAL STORY outreach campaign, which is made possible by a grant from The Wallace Foundation, a source of ideas for improving school leadership.

For more information on the film and related outreach, visit The Wallace Foundation. For more information and research about education leadership, visit the Wallace Knowledge Center.

  • Views: 581 WGTE's Educational Leadership Forum

    In September, WGTE hosted its first-ever educational leadership forum with principals and school leaders from our region. The event included: Clips from the national program, The Principal Story; A presentation by Dr. Tresa Dunbar, one of the principals profiled in the film; and, Discussion groups on how to become better leaders within their schools.

    WGTE also recognized, through Video Voice segments, three local principals for their efforts in making a difference at their respective schools:

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  • Views: 571 Preview THE PRINCIPAL STORY

    THE PRINCIPAL STORY airs on Tuesday, September 15 at 10:00 p.m. on WGTE HD.

  • Views: 563 Video Voices: Cheri Copeland-Shull

    Cheri Copeland-Shull is the principal from Chrissey Elementary school in Springfield Township.  Her innovative programs to engage parents in the educational process have led to greater support of teachers in the classroom and student education.  Part of the Principal Story initiative.

  • Views: 561 Video Voices: Emilio Ramirez

    As principal of Woodward High School in the Toledo Public School system, Emilio Ramirez understands that conflict resolution can be a tricky business, and advocates calm and deliberate management. Part of the Principal Story initiative.

  • Views: 612 Video Voices: Sister Mary Brenda Haynes

    Sister May Brenda Haynes is the principal of Queen of Apostles school and shares her experience balancing the duties of administration and mentoring. Part of the Principal Story initiative.

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