Multimedia Curriculum

 It's like curriculum in an (online) box!  Below are links to multimedia resources created by the Ohio Educational Television Stations.  Kits contain teacher's guides, lesson plans and video on demand modules to support all content areas in today's standards based classrooms. Just click on the icon to access these FREE curriculm resources.

If you are interested in a Professional Development session exploring the rich content in these kits, please contact the WGTE Educational Resource Center 419-380-4600.

  • Careers In Focus

    Careers in Focus  explores different aspects of career paths for several certificate programs as part of the ongoing Career Connections program. These career path multimedia modules, are comprised of in-depth and engaging short videos with accompanying teacher and student materials. Our goal is to inform students of the opportunities available to them with the option of not pursuing a degree in higher education. However, in an effort to promote college and career readiness, each video outlines the various options in terms of education above and beyond the basic certificate.

  • Career Connections

    The videos highlight how the studies of world languages, fine arts, and/or financial literacy are crucial to the specific career. The interviewees were asked to express the connections between their field of work and the Ohio companies that utilize their talents. Furthermore, the relationships between each field of study and the local and global community are formed and explored.

  • STEMLab

    WGTE is your source for information about careers in the fast growing field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 

    This learning initiative includes multimedia modules, comprised of videos and three assessment tools, to inform students in grades 3-12 of the opportunities available to them in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

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  • Views: 253 What's Your M.O.? (Medical Option) 2012 Year Two

    Looking for a career in a fast growing field with a wealth of variety? Allied Health careers might be for you.  What’s Your M.O. (Medical Option) explores three very different aspects of Allied Health Careers.

    Featuring experts in their fields, these modules show real world, on the job environments and responsibilities of  veterinary technicians, ultrasound technicians, and pharmacists.  See for yourself if these careers would be a good fit for you!

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  • Views: 230 What's Your M.O.? (Medical Option) 2011 Year One

    Looking for a career in a fast growing field with a wealth of variety? Allied Health careers might be for you.  What’s Your M.O. (Medical Option) explores three very different aspects of Allied Health Careers.

    Featuring experts in their fields, these modules show real world, on the job environments and responsibilities of  exercise science professionals, medical illustrators and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).  See for yourself if these careers would be a good fit for you!

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  • Views: 975 Why Sci? A Multimedia Resource for 5th Grade Classrooms

    Fun, engaging science tools for the classroom!  These multimedia modules illustrate hard to teach Physical and Earth Sciences concepts and provide strategies for engaging 5th grade students in active learning.  The videos and companion materials model an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning science and are directly aligned to Ohio Academic Content Standards. 

    Featuring area science experts from Imagination Station, The Challenger Learner Center of Lucas County and The University of Toledo, the modules delve into scientific concepts and principles of light, sound, electricity/magnetism and Earth rotation. 

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  • Views: 252 Why?Sci A Multimedia Resource for 7th and 8th Grade Classrooms

    Real-world connections to classroom concepts!  These multimedia modules, aligned to Ohio Academic Content Standards for Physical and Earth Sciences, combine video and curriculum materials to create an engaging exploration of weather forecasting, weather observations and plate tectonics.

    Each module includes:

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  • Ohio Rocks!

    Ohio Rocks! is a standards-based multimedia project for third through fifth grade students.  The project components include four 10 minute videos, a website full of resources for teachers, and a Teacher's Guide with 8 standards-based lessons.  Created by CET

  • 108 Stitches

    The basic principles of physics are demonstrated through the game of baseball in this science based curriculum from Western Reserve Public Media.  The teacher's guide, activities and video align with National Education Standards and the Ohio Science Academic Content Standards. Grades 6-10

  • Big or Small: Measure It All!

    Western Reserve Public Media’s multimedia package Big or Small: Measure It All was created with a two-fold purpose. First, the videos show students how measurement is used every day in the “real world.” Second, the package offers students “hands-on” lessons that require the use of measurement to accomplish a task. It is directed at grades 4 and 6 and is keyed to mathematics standards for those grades.

  • Quiz Bus

    Students in grades 4-8 practice collecting data, presenting it in an understandable fashion, analyzing it through graphng, identifying ways data can be distorted and looking at both arithmetic and geometric probability (area models). From Western Reserve Public Media

  • One State Many Nations

    This Western Reserve Public Media multimedia project studies the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Native American nations that have populated Ohio since prehistoric times. Using the print and Web resources that support the series, students will meet the nations and their leaders through a fun and interactive collection of exercises on online video segments. Grades 4 - 6.

  • Math and Science Gumbo

    Weights, measures, cooking times and temps, physical and chemical changes … you name it and the Kitchen Mathematician will beat, mix, blanche, toast, boil and fricassee food to explore the math and science that goes into cooking. From Western Reserve Public Media.  Grades 5-6

  • Change My Mind

    Students will be bombarded with persuasive techniques in all aspects of their life. They need to recognize the persuasive techniques that are being used to manipulate their thinking and how they can use these same techniques to influence others. From Western Reserve Public Media. Grades 8-10

  • Constitution Challenge

    In the form of a game show, the Constitution Challenge multimedia package features both “the man of the street” and student contestants as they answer questions about the constitution. The components of the series have been designed for use as either stand-alone educational tools or as a complete package. From Western Reserve Public Media. Grades 3-10

  • Exploring Our Heritage

    Part travelogue and part history, this multimedia curriculum takes students to historic locations around the state of Ohio. Interviews with local experts, combined with archival film, help to re-create the important role each of these locations played in Ohio's history and development.  From ThinkTV.  Grades 3-8. 

  • World War II: Exploring Your Local History

    World War II: Exploring Your Local History is a high school curriculum designed to engage students in learning about World War II. The purpose of this project is to help students learn about the impact of World War II in their own communities and make connections between local history and world events. From ThinkTV. Grades 9-12

  • Views: 487 Engineer Your Career

    Seven career path video modules spotlight careers in engineering fields including:


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  • Views: 207 Techknowledge

    Techknowledge is a series of short video modules, with support materials, designed to enhance teacher professional development sessions for K-12 educators.

    Interactive White Board

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  • Views: 291 Careers in the Automotive Industry

    Employees in all areas of work at the Toledo General Motors Powertrain Plant discuss everyday challenges, career paths and requirements.  Footage of plant operations is included.

    Automotive Apprentice

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  • Views: 315 Careers in Health Sciences

    Join area health science professionals as the describe and discuss careers in the health science field.


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  • Views: 240 Energy Explorations

    Join representatives from ECD Ovonics and the University of Toledo as they describe cutting edge technologies in the field of alternative energy.  Videos are between  six and eight minutes in length.

    Thin Film Solar Cells

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  • Views: 230 Science at Work in Northwest Ohio

    Representatives from industry and universities in Northwest Ohio discuss cutting edge technologyies being developed.  Topics include solar cells, fuel cells, bio-diesel, glass recycling and alternative energy.  Representitaves are from Toledo University, Dana, O-I, Solar Fields and TARTA.

    Solar Cells: Solar Fields

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  • Views: 234 Down and Dirty Science

    Have you ever questioned just how much energy plants absorb from the sun? Do you realize that chicken poop can be used to produce methane? Did you know that a compost pile gets hot enough to cook an egg or that meteorites have shaped the face of the earth?

    Down and Dirty Science tackles these questions in a humorous and entertaining fashion while conveying insights into how energy is transferred from plants to other organisms in the food web.