Raising Readers Literacy Summit

Made possible through the generous support of The Landman-Goldman Foundation.

  • Views: 883 Raising Readers Literacy Summit

    On Thursday, September 9, 2010, educators, elected officials, community leaders and education leaders attended WGTE's free Raising Readers Literacy Summit at the Dana Conference Center. WGTE streamed this event live on Knowledge Stream.

    If you missed the event, or would like to watch part of it again, the entire day was recorded and available to watch here.

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  • Views: 379 Raising a Reader Video Presentation

    A detailed look at the national and local Raising Readers initiative and the overall affect it has had on those involved.

  • Views: 301 A Level Playing Field Video

    WGTE Public Media is a leader in pre-school age literacy.  This video looks at many of the issues and barriers facing families in the community that often interfere with the process of learning, and offers a new path to learning.