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The WGTE Educational Resource Center (ERC) provides schools services and educational materials which embrace 21st century learning skills and enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.  ERC programs go beyond the “plug and play” of traditional technology training and focus on effective integration strategies, hands-on interaction with technology and alignment to Ohio Academic Content Standards. 

2012-2013 School/District Educational Serice Agreements are now available!

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  • Ohio Teacher Showcase-Project Based Learning

    The Teacher Showcase Project is a collaboration between ODE and ITIP Ohio to highlight teams of educators integrating technology into their classroom as they implement the Common Core Content Standards delivered through project-based learning activities. Videos of the lessons "in action" were captured and are available for you to use. 

  • Views: 49 ExCITE: A new grant opportunity from WGTE ERC

    The Educational Resource Center of WGTE Public Media is accepting proposals from educators to participate in a grant opportunity to obtain instructional/educational technology and share the experiences, trials, and triumphs as the instructor experiments with learning and utilizing an iPad. Technology use in the classroom is a growing need and the purpose of this grant is to take a real-world look at the process involved in learning, introducing, and utilizing iPads in the contemporary classroom. 

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  • Teacher Professional Development

    How can you effectively use technology to enhance student learning and foster 21st century skills?  Contact hour certificates provided for all classes.  Graduate credit is available at a special rate through Lourdes University.  Check out our listing of classes and register soon!

  • Views: 546 ITIP Ohio

    WGTE Introduces ITIP Ohio!

    The Instructional Technology Integration Partnership of Ohio (ITIP Ohio) is a non-profit organization committed to promote the integration of 21st century skills and the use of instructional technologies in Ohio's classrooms. WGTE is one of the five founding members of ITIP Ohio, which allows us to offer many new services to our member schools! Professional development services include online classes, face-to-face trainings, Webinars, videoconferences and much more.  

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  • Views: 253 What's Your M.O.? (Medical Option) 2012 Year Two

    Looking for a career in a fast growing field with a wealth of variety? Allied Health careers might be for you.  What’s Your M.O. (Medical Option) explores three very different aspects of Allied Health Careers.

    Featuring experts in their fields, these modules show real world, on the job environments and responsibilities of  veterinary technicians, ultrasound technicians, and pharmacists.  See for yourself if these careers would be a good fit for you!

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  • Views: 273 International Society for Technology in Education - Programs and Resources

    Discount on ISTE Books and ISTE Book Reflections

    Purchase ISTE books at discounted prices through ITIP Ohio!  Once you have read the book, it's time to do something with your new knowledge.  ITIP Ohio will be hosting an online book discussion for each month's ISTE book.  These Book Reflections will provide educators all across Ohio the opportunity to discuss the best ways to implement the book's content into their own school setting. 

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  • Views: 592 Educational Technology: Supporting Ohio Classrooms

    With support from eTech Ohio, the Ohio Educational Television Stations and Educational Technology Agencies have united efforts to help improve classroom learning with technology.  Programs include teacher professional development classes, technology integration consultation, multi-media production, blended learning activities and a statewide campaign to build awareness of the role technology plays in preparing our youth for the future. 

    Technology and Students

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  • Views: 580 P21 Affiliate

    The ERC is a now certified Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) Professional Development Affiliate!

    With this national certification, the ERC has developed many new programs, services and opportunities. We are helping districts not only gain an understanding of what 21st century skills are but also providing guidance in outlining action plans to embed these skills
    within core curriculum.

  • Views: 498 Ohio on iTunes U

    WGTE multimedia can now be downloaded, for free, directly to your computer or mobile device.  WGTE-produced videos and companion curriculum materials include: Why?Sci, which features topics such as sound, light and weather for middle school science classrooms; Plugged In spotlights real-world STEM applications; TechBytes offer tips on technologies such as Google Sites and FlipVideo cams; and, much more. Go to the iTunes Store (select "iTunes U" and "Ohio") to access these and thousands of other digital media resources compiled by the State of Ohio. This is a great resource for K-12 educators….check it out!

  • Get Plugged Into STEM

    Connect students to real-world applications of science and technology!  Use clips of Plugged-In to explore practical examples of how classroom concepts relate to the latest innovations in technology and research.  Each Plugged-In episode provides an in-depth look at developments in the fields of medicine, energy, engineering, astronomy and more.  Episodes are chaptered out into 5-7 minute video segments that offer a classroom friendly format to extend student learning opportunities and provide insight into STEM careers.